Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Bunny Ear Star Wars Cookies for Easter

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bunny Ear Star Wars Cookies for Easter

After posting the #12DaysOfStarWars last year as a countdown for the new Star Wars - The Force Awakens movie, I said I'd be taking a Star Wars treat break.  Twelve days of all Star Wars treats was fun but a bit exhausting!  Well, a couple months break was all I could make it before thinking about another fun treat.  

With spring and Easter coming very soon I thought Darth Vader could use some bunny ears.  He and his Stormtroopers both could use some bunny ears.  Maybe that would lighten their moods.  

In fact I think everyone right now needs bunny years to lighten things up a little.  Wouldn't the next republican or democratic debate be much nicer if the candidates and moderators wore bunny years? I mean if Donald Trump wore bunny ears you definitely would know you shouldn't take him seriously, right??  I'll tweet that suggestion out and see who bites!  

But back to the cookies, they are homemade sugar cookies that would make super cute additions to your biggest Star Wars fan's Easter baskets!

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