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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Alice in Wonderland PEEPS Pops

Time to make the PEEPS Pops again! 

Over the years I've made a bunch of stuff out of marshmallow PEEPS.  They are one of my fav brands to create with.  My go to edible craft is making pops out the Spring bunny PEEPS.  

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And another of my favorites is Alice in Wonderland! Hopefully you can recognize some of the characters in PEEPS pop form!

Start with bunny PEEPS and add a popsicle stick to them (secure the stick with a little melted white chocolate)

 Then dip them in melted white chocolate chips.

 The rest of the detail is done with mostly melted candy melts in an assortment of colors and various types of candy sprinkles.

All the characters are awesome and unique and remind me of my childhood since I watched the cartoon movie (circa 1951!) a lot as a kid.   

The Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, Alice, and the White Rabbit are my absolute favs!

The Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts came out a little wonky - but that's ok they are kinda wonky characters anyway so it fits! 

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum plus a couple Eat Me/Drink Me PEEPS round out the set.

Who's your favorite Alice in Wonderland Character? 

Thanks for swinging by and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Candy Dipped Marshmallow Bunnies for Easter

Although we just got about 2 feet of snow dumped on us from all the Nor'easters the past couple of weeks it actually feels like Spring is around the corner as we have had some bright and sunny days lately.  

Plus with daylight savings back in effect, it's staying light longer which is always nice.  I hate leaving for work when it's still dark outside and getting home when it's already dark!  

Making some cute bunnies have been on the "to do" list and since we were snowed in one of the weekends it seemed like a good time to do some marshmallow dipping!

Anything in many or rainbow colors gets me every time, like these fruit flavored marshmallows I found in my local food store.

I have melting candy wafers in almost every color so I melted up a bunch and got to dipping!

Bunny ears where made ahead of time by adding some of the melted candy to a zip lock bag, snipping an end and pipping "ears" onto parchment.  Once they are hardened (only takes about 5-10 minutes) you can pick them up and add to the top of each dipped marshmallow.  Do this while the candy is still wet.  After a minute or so the ears should stand up on their own.

Use white vanilla melted candy (or white chocolate) to add to the top of each bunny around the ears.  Before it hardens add your favorite sprinkles - I used rainbow sugar sprinkles.

And because I love those popular unicorn cakes - I did similar faces for these bunnies! I just dipped a paint brush (I only use for food) into some black food gel and paint the closed eyes with lashes.  You could use an edible food writer but I find they don't work as well on candy melt coated stuff.

I was going to use cute mini heart sprinkles as bunny noses but alas did not have any so went with pastel colored non-pareil sprinkles for a button nose.  These are cuter than the heart sprinkles!

Paint on some more melted candy for the ear detail.

And don't forget the cotton tail! (more melted white candy)

Oh and check it out if you add them to cupcakes they look like little bunny ballerinas!

Cutie McCuterson!

I love when you bite inside you see the pastel color marshmallow too! 

These little bunnies are perfect Easter baskets or to welcome Spring back! 

What's on your Spring to do list??

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Rainbow Fortune Cookies

Making home made fortune cookies have been on my to do list for a long time.  I've loved them ever since I got my first Chinese take out many moons ago.  My kiddos also love these crunchy little cookies too.  

I mean really who doesn't like fortune cookies??

And because of my love for all that is rainbow - I decided to try to make some rainbow striped ones for Saint Patrick's Day.

The cookie batter is really simple and made with just egg whites, sugar, butter, vanilla, flour, and water.  These have food coloring as well.  Once the batter is mixed, divide it up until small bowls and tint each your favorite rainbow colors.

You do need to do only a 2-3 cookies at a time since you need to work with them quickly once they bake.  For the rainbow effect, add the batter to plastic bags, snip an end and pipe the colors.  Having a 3 inch circle template may help you keep the lines even. 

Once the cookies bake (only 7 minutes) add your fortune then fold the cookie over and then bend it into the fortune cookie shape.  (Be careful they may be hot!)

Place them in a muffin tin until they cool and keep their shape.

I wasn't sure how well they'd come out especially since I didn't do a plain test batch to try out the technique but watching some YouTube videos definitely helps! I used this one:

And you get to come up with your own fun fortunes!

Make some rainbow fortune cookies for your favorite little leprechauns this Saint Patrick's Day!


Recipe and directions for original fortune cookies can be found here at Fifteen Spatulas.
  • For these rainbow fortune cookies follow the same recipe
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Divide batter into small bowls and add 2-3 drops of your favorite colors of food gel
  • Cut 3 inch circle templates (3) and add them under parchment paper
  • Add each batter color to a plastic baggie.  Snip an end of each and pipe rows of color following your circle template
  • Bake for 7 mins (edges will be just slightly golden)
  • Working quickly, flip cookies over add fortune to each and fold cookie in half
  • Bend cookies over the lip of a cup to get your fortune cookie shape
  • Place in muffin tin until cookies cool and hold their shape

Monday, February 5, 2018

Star Wars - The Last Jedi Crystal Fox (Vulptex) Candy Made from Peppermint Patties

One of my favorite creatures from Star Wars The Last Jedi movie are the crystal foxes, which I found out are called vulptex (or the plural of vulptices!).   After making no bake Star Wars porg cookies (scroll down) I knew I had to try the little crystal critters from the salt covered planet of Crait. 

Making candy crystals or glass seems really simple as the ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, and water.  You can read about making it here.  It is pretty easy - you just heat it all up to 300 degrees F and pour it out and let it harden BUT keeping it clear is the tricky part.  I've found once you get to 300 degrees it tends to caramelize and yellow and if you remove it too soon then it doesn't harden well.  The trick I ended up using was to remove the sugar at 250 degrees then add it to microwave safe bowl and reheat a bit as needed in the microwave keeping an eye on it that it was still clear and after pouring out it hardened into "glass".  This took a couple tries and I have found I am not a sugar candy expert at all!

I used the candy crystals to then decorate some heart shaped peppermint patties.  I've actually made foxes before from these peppermint patties (scroll below) so figured they'd make a great base again for these little crystal foxes! Plus they are available right now for Valentine's Day.

Their tall pointy ears are made from some vanilla candy melting wafers topped with some of the candy glass.  Once the vanilla candy hardens you can attach them to the peppermint patty.

Coat the entire patty with melted vanilla candy wafers.  Attach the ears, eyes (candy coated sunflower seeds), nose (large black round sprinkle), and candy crystals before the vanilla candy hardens (add more melted vanilla candy as needed). Color the eyes with a blue edible food writer.

And you have your own "skulk" aka group of crystal foxes!

OK I think I'm done with new Star Wars creatures (for now!).  Although I'm definitely not making thala-sirens - those odd milk producers from The Last Jedi, I did make some "thala-siren" green milk and "bantha" blue milk lattes!

Thanks for swinging by and for more recent updates you can follow me @sugarswings on Instagram as I'm much more active there than on the blog lately!

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Winter Birds & Birch Trees Graham Cracker Treats

Hi all - Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018! 

I know it's been the new year for at least 1/2 a month already so I guess that means I'm already behind!  

I did finally get around to making a new treat though - so that's a win!  

I've made decorated graham crackers a few times before (see below post) and I've had an idea for more jelly bean birds - but this time on pretzels decorated like little birch trees.

Start with some graham crackers as your "canvas" 

Dip pretzel sticks into white chocolate (as your "birch trees) and add to the graham crackers

Since these are winter scenes - add more white chocolate as "snow" and before hardened add jelly beans in various colors as they will be the winter birds

Use an edible marker to add birch tree rings - or you can just paint it on using black or brown food gel

Add more birds - eyes are made with the edible marker and beak/feet with some yellow candy melting wafers

Add a border with more melted chocolate and some sprinkled powdered sugar as more background snow

 Perfect little winter bird scenes to go along with the frigid temps in the Northeast coast!

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Friday, December 22, 2017

The Nightmare Before Christmas Gingerbread Men Cookies

Oh man I can't believe its only 3 days until Christmas! 

 Every year I make the kiddos decorated gingerbread men and women cut out cookies.  I almost didn't make it in time this year because its been so hectic and the time is flying by so fast.


I couldn't *not* do them this year so I made some time last weekend and got to decorating.  Priorities right?!!

Picking what characters was hard this year - but we had just watched 
The Nightmare Before Christmas recently with my little niece so I got into the Jack Skellington and friends mode!

In case you need a refresher from the top:  Oogie Boogie, Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Mayor of Halloween Town, Barrel, Shock, Lock, Scary Teddy, Dr. Finklestein, Santa Jack

I think cut out gingerbread cookies are my favorite Christmas cookie of all time.  This year my twins helped roll out the dough and cut out the cookies.  It's fun to see them getting into cooking and baking as they get older!

Do you like Jack and Sally?


Santa Jack and Sally??

Always love to see them all done and decorated.  Can't wait to bring them to Christmas! 

Oh and since I had some extras I also did my kids (and dog!) in gingerbread form!

Merriest of Christmases to those that celebrate and Happy New Year to you all!

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