Sugar Swings! Serve Some: February 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018

Star Wars - The Last Jedi Crystal Fox (Vulptex) Candy Made from Peppermint Patties

One of my favorite creatures from Star Wars The Last Jedi movie are the crystal foxes, which I found out are called vulptex (or the plural of vulptices!).   After making no bake Star Wars porg cookies (scroll down) I knew I had to try the little crystal critters from the salt covered planet of Crait. 

Making candy crystals or glass seems really simple as the ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, and water.  You can read about making it here.  It is pretty easy - you just heat it all up to 300 degrees F and pour it out and let it harden BUT keeping it clear is the tricky part.  I've found once you get to 300 degrees it tends to caramelize and yellow and if you remove it too soon then it doesn't harden well.  The trick I ended up using was to remove the sugar at 250 degrees then add it to microwave safe bowl and reheat a bit as needed in the microwave keeping an eye on it that it was still clear and after pouring out it hardened into "glass".  This took a couple tries and I have found I am not a sugar candy expert at all!

I used the candy crystals to then decorate some heart shaped peppermint patties.  I've actually made foxes before from these peppermint patties (scroll below) so figured they'd make a great base again for these little crystal foxes! Plus they are available right now for Valentine's Day.

Their tall pointy ears are made from some vanilla candy melting wafers topped with some of the candy glass.  Once the vanilla candy hardens you can attach them to the peppermint patty.

Coat the entire patty with melted vanilla candy wafers.  Attach the ears, eyes (candy coated sunflower seeds), nose (large black round sprinkle), and candy crystals before the vanilla candy hardens (add more melted vanilla candy as needed). Color the eyes with a blue edible food writer.

And you have your own "skulk" aka group of crystal foxes!

OK I think I'm done with new Star Wars creatures (for now!).  Although I'm definitely not making thala-sirens - those odd milk producers from The Last Jedi, I did make some "thala-siren" green milk and "bantha" blue milk lattes!

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