Sugar Swings! Serve Some: September 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mini Fudge Retro Atari Joysticks

Did you know September 13 is National Video Game Day?? Actually it seems like everyday is video game day around our place - that's the activity of choice these days for my kiddos.  It's always a battle with screen time as my 11 year old could stay on all day if I let him.

I mean we had video games too, I grew up in the 80s, but nothing like what the gamers have today.  I even dug up our old Atari game system - wood paneling and all! Remember those old joysticks? They broke all the time and gave you hand cramps but they were all we had.  They also had 1 button.  I repeat ONE BUTTON.  There were not 10 different buttons that you could push in different combos to get the game to do different things - one button and the joystick was all we had.  Maybe life was simpler back then.  OK now I sound old!

Well I recreated those old joysticks in fudge form - to show my kiddos how good they have it now! They agreed eating them is way better than using them for games!

For the details on how to make 'em, head over to sheknows here!

Thanks for stopping by and have an AWESOME week!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Disney's Frozen movie themed slushies

I think I may have a problem.  This is the 5th Frozen themed treat I've done since the Disney movie came out.  Not 1 or 2 the 5th one!  I'm seriously enabling my kid as well as all the other Frozen fanatics out there.  

What can I say I so like to feed the monster, literally.  But in my defense, not only is the movie pretty darn great, but the colors are awesome too.  Light blue, white, purple-y maroon.  I love them together. 

And the colors look great layered in a frozen ice slushy too.  Perfect to cool off with on the last days of summer.  

Check out the How To over here at sheknows!

Here are all the other Frozen inspired treats in case you are also inclined to indulge! 

1. Frozen Cupcakes - rock trolls representin' too

2. Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookies  - swap some of the oatmeal with Frozen cereal - don't ask why just do it! 

3. Frozen Character Pretzel Snacks - you guys know my love of sweet and salty right? 

4. Frozen Gingerbread Character Cookies - all your fav Frozen characters in gingerbread form - eat Prince Hans first, it will make you feel much better!