Sugar Swings! Serve Some: May 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rainbow Twizzler Xylophone Treats

The kids and I made some cute little xylophones recently.

I bought a bag of rainbow Twizzlers awhile ago and have been trying to think of something fun to make with all the rainbow colors.  We still have one of those little kid play xylophones laying in the toy box so we thought why not make some edible ones to "play".

Start with some graham crackers.  Cut the Twizzlers in descending size and alternate the colors to fit the cracker.  You can attach them with some melted chocolate.  Once attached, cut off the excess graham cracker with a sharp knife.   For more details, add red round sprinkles on top and use m and m's on the bottom to raise the xylophones up a bit.  

The mallets are made from pretzel sticks with a mini marshmallow as the top.  So simple!

Before you eat them, play them!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting!

Remembering all those who have given their lives for our country this Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Silver Surfer Whoopie Pies

So as the annual tradition dictates, I made the hubster whoopie pies for his birthday this year.  Not just any old whoopie pies, Silver Surfer whoopie pies!

The Silver Surfer is his fav Marvel super hero.  If you don't know the back story, Silver Surfer started out as a herald for Galactus.   Galactus is the bad guy who eats world's energy- HE DEVOURS WORLDS.  That's a bad ass villian super power if you ask me.  Well Silver Surfer used to find worlds to be on deck for Galactus, but when he came to Earth and met the Fantastic Four - he had a change of heart and turned on Galactus.  

Anyway, the hubster has always been a huge Silver Surfer fan and still has his comic book collection from when he was in college.  My original plan was to buy him the first Silver Surfer comic (circa 1968) but I can't really justify spending the hefty price tag for it when it will probably be sitting in a plastic sleeve for years, so went with plan B.  (Although I have to admit Issue #1 looks pretty darn cool!)

Plan B was Silver Surfer themed whoopie pies.  They start like any other whoopie pie recipe.  I always use this recipe because it's so tasty and pretty fail safe.   Pipe and bake your "pie" circles.  

Once cool, add the text (or whatever your design) with melted candy wafers/melts.  You could use  melted white chocolate chips as well.

The silver is from silver color mist - which is like edible spray paint.  If you have not used this before, try it, it makes coloring some projects so easy and fast! (I don't get paid or product from Wilton, I just love the stuff and have it in most colors!).  Once the candy melt is hardened, spray the color mist on both whoopie pie halves and let dry.  

Add your favorite whoopie pie filling and serve.  

And as I mentioned, in place of birthday cake we do birthday whoopie pies! 

 Happy birthday to my best friend, The best dad, and my better half for the past 20+ years!  

And thank you for swinging by - have an awesome week!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

These Avengers Popsicles are so fun!

Instead of baking for myself on Mother's Day, I opted for the easy way out and just enjoyed some store bought popsicles with the kiddos.

The Original Brand Popsicle makes all kinds on neat themed frozen treats these day and I love love (love!) these Avengers Assemble ones.

They make them in Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America colors - with a surprise of color inside too.

Popsicles are always a hit around here, and honestly it made this Mother's Day even easier for me.  No bake, no mess, and fun.

AND bonus - we just saw the new Avengers Age of Ultron movie this weekend! It was really good guys.  If you are super hero fans (or even if not) go see it! There are the same Avengers everyone loves - but it also introduces a few new characters as well.  Ultron of course, but Vision, and also Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself! 

All in all a great Mother's Day weekend!  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! I truly hope you enjoyed your day.  Have a great week!

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Star Wars Creature Cupcakes - May the 4th Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th Be With You.  

I've done a bunch of Star Wars posts over the years but this one has to be one of my favs.  The creatures in the Star Wars movies are always so cool and really make the movies so special.  (I don't even mind Jar Jar Binks so much - I know sorry hard core SW fans!)

I made a bunch of my favorite creatures in edible form for you and in celebration of all that is Star Wars today.  Most of them are made starting with some Ghost Marshmallow Peeps that I found frozen in our freezer.  Most all of the detail is made with melted candy melts in various colors, some pretzel sticks, and various sprinkles.

Hopefully the Star Wars fans can identify at least a few of these.  Below (clockwise) a Bantha, Acklay, Jawa, Rancor, and Sarlacc.

A couple of Mynocks:

A Taun Taun and the Wampa

This is the 3rd wampa I've done!
And better pics of the Mynocks and the Sarlacc pit

A happy Star Wars creature reunion photo!

Can't wait to see all the new creatures in Star Wars VII coming out this December.  What's your favorite in all the movies?

You may also like some of the other Star Wars treats I've made over the years.  See the Star Wars category on the right hand side of the blog for all the links.  The Yoda Bundt Cake is my 2nd fav!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Star Wars Day!

Oh and if you'd like the directions on how to make any of these, please just send me an email.  Some are easier than others and use melted candy wafers on top of marshmallow Peeps as the base.