Sugar Swings! Serve Some: planet whoopie pies....!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

planet whoopie pies....! the request i got from the biggest kid in the house for his birthday last week was for whoopie pies but "something to do with space" (and by biggest kid i mean the 41 year old)....there are no simple requests how about just a plain chocolate cake with some sprinkles...? nope...i get space themed whoopie i pretty much got assigned a science project this week!

....started with a vanilla whoopie pie recipe.....or as my kiddos call them "whommpie pies"......i think i prefer to call them that from now on.....

....went with vanilla so i could tint them colors.....once the batter was mixed up...separate into bowls and tint "planet colors"---yeah i did google search "what are the colors of the planets".....but i figured the cartoon color representations are much better than the real things for this (so i know the colors are not really exact, but whatev they are whoopie pies!) don't even need to totally mix them well either and you get some streaky planet like marbling going on....

....plop some of each color and make circles (2 for each planet and the sun of course)...started with the sun, then did planet sizes in scale to that (well tried to anyway)....for some i swirled a couple colors with a toothpick after plopping onto the baking sheet...

....then bake @350 for about 10 minutes but keep an eye on them and take them out as soon as a toothpick comes out clean......

....filled with this from the marshmallow fluff site....and added a couple rings for saturn and uranus (made from candy melts) 6 year old had to tell me uranus had rings---he's getting way too smart too fast....and you get....planet whommpie pies!

...oh since earth day was on friday april 22nd...these may fit in as well!...

....and since chocolate whoopie pies are the big kids fav....made a plate of them too.....

...i sure hope you get simpler requests than me.....oh yeah my 6 year old also told me today he wants a standing jango fett (dude from star wars) cake for his 7th birthday this summer.....i am going to try again to talk him into a pencil shaped didn't work last year but it can't hurt to up the twins turn 4.....2 separate cakes for a party in may.....i think i'm in trouble from here on out....!

...thanks for all the great comments on the "trooper" peep pops, they were very fun!....and have an awesome week :)

ps i really wanted to do pluto too but ran out of room....poor pluto....that's like sitting behind home plate at yankee stadium for all the past seasons then all of a sudden you are a bleacher creature...bogus.

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  1. love these! first off, love whoopie pies. Secondly, my son would go nuts for planet whoopie pies....these are right up our ally!

  2. how fun love this idea so sweet come visit me at

  3. what a great idea:) and YUM!!!

  4. I love your whoopie planets!


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