Sugar Swings! Serve Some: May 2021

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Marvel's Loki God of Mischief Cookies

Marvel's Loki Cookies

Disney+ definitely has it right with their series list and schedule. Between Star Wars and Marvel shows they have a captive audience every week.    The next Marvel series coming out this June is Loki! 

 Marvel's Loki for President

You know Loki, Thor's brother, the God of Mischief.  We can't really tell if he's truly Good or Evil (probably both) or Alive or Dead (probably both!).  He flips back and forth in these statuses throughout the movies so I can't wait to see what the 6 series show has in store.

Made some cookies in anticipation.

Colorful cookie dough

Used my favorite sugar cookie dough that holds its shape.  I always use this recipe from In Katrina's Kitchen which works great every time I make 3D'ish cookies.  Just tint the dough and you use it like play-doh.  Definitely do not refrigerate the dough.  I did for some and they didn't bake up as nicely.

Make Loki Cookies

I put Loki in his gold helmet and also gave him his scepter.

Make Loki Cookies

Also added in the logo from the new series and worked on some buttons from some of the show screenshots.

How to make Loki God of Mischief Cookies

Kawaii Loki is super cute!

Marvel Loki series Cookies

I might also be on board for "Loki for President" but will see what the series has in store for us.

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Friday, May 14, 2021

Star Wars The Bad Batch Madeleine Cookies


Star Wars Bad Batch madeleine cookies

I am loving the Disney+ release schedule because between Marvel and Star Wars me and my oldest are set for years!

The latest Star Wars animated series continues the Clone Wars saga and gives some new perspective.  My oldest kiddo has loved the clones since they came out in the Attack of the Clones so this new Bad Batch Force 99 is right up his alley.

Star Wars Bad Batch madeleine cookies

Used my madeleine pan again (yay!)  to make some red velvet ones

And then decorated with candy melts in shades of white, grey, black, and red.

I *think* they kinda look like the Bad Batch trooper helmets but may not? And in case you're not familiar that's Crosshair, Tech, Hunter, and Wrecker

Star Wars Bad Batch madeleine cookies

Regardless they were red velvet tastiness and great to chomp on while watching the series!

Happy Friday and Can't wait until the next Marvel series, Loki!