Sugar Swings! Serve Some: 2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Toy Story 4 Pretzels & Mini Cupcakes

Well look finally new post! 

Sheesh it's been since February since I posted something new! I won't bore you with all the details but life is just really busy and moving so quickly and unfortunately the posts are fewer and farther in between. 

But I'm back with 2 of my favs - decorated pretzel snacks and cupcakes!

These are for the new Toy Story 4 movie that's out now.

And there are some new characters too. Super cute and fun!

Make a whole bunch of them since they are pretty simple to make.  I just use various colors of candy melting wafers to decorate and add sprinkles as needed.

You can serve the pretzels by themselves (an awesome sweet and salty combo) or this time I used them as toppers for some mini funfetti cupcakes.

Have you seen the movie?? I haven't - YET! But it's definitely on my upcoming weekend to do list! 

We just started Summer here - and that means my 3 kiddos are home.  They have a couple weeks off before classes and camps start so we're enjoying the easy less stress days. Hoping to get a few new posts together too! 

Thanks for hanging in even though the posts have been meager lately!

PS I do post a lot more frequently over on my Instagram with stuff from the blog AND more sweet and geeky stuff that I love!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Star Wars Ewok Valentines Day Candies

 Wow first post of 2019 and we're already into February! 

Good thing it's a fun one

Some Star Wars treats - Heart Shaped Ewok candies for Valentines Day!

Start with some heart shaped chocolate covered candy. I used peppermint patties but you can use whatever is your fav.  There's so much available in stores right now since all the V-day candies are out and about.

Melt some white chocolate and "paint" it on the top.  It just gives it a nice rustic feeling and allows the characters to stand out more.

Once dry, use assorted color melted candy wafers and add the Ewok details.  

I used a photo from google and made them really simple.  Fur color, contrasting hood color, sprinkle for nose, and use a black edible food writer for eyes.

Super simple


Of course I needed to add the Endor Princess Leia since the scene when she meets the Ewok Wicket is one of my favs.

We love Ewoks so much that we named our Chow Chow Wicket!

When she was a puppy the kids thought she looked like a little baby Ewok so they chose her name.

Even grown she still looks like one to me!

Such a pretty pup 

Although don't ask me how many times when people ask her name and we say "Wicket" they say "Oh Wicked is she a naughty pup?" 

Now I usually say "Her name is Wicket because she looks like a Star Wars Ewok" and that usually works!

You can also add some cutie cute Ewok-ish Valentines Day sayings like:

You Ewok my World!

Our Love will Endor

I Endor You 

OK that last one is supposed to be like "I Adore You" BUT for you long time married folk (like me!) perhaps "I Endure You" is actually appropriate Valentine! 

Happy February and 2019 to ALL!