Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Minnie & Mickey Whoopie Pies

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Minnie & Mickey Whoopie Pies

I needed a break from all the holiday posts lately and also had a craving for some whoopie pies.  But instead of plain old boring ones I thought Minnie and Mickey ears would be fun.  I saw these whoopie pies awhile back that are Mickey and Minnie shaped but thought it would be neat to make 2 tone cakes for Mickey and to also use the batter to make little Minnie bows.  

Ever since going to Disney a couple of years back I got into all that is Minnie and Mickey - especially the ears.  They are so iconic for Disney!  

Sadly, my kiddos (11 year old tween and 9 year old twins) feel they are too "old" for Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  First this month they dropped the bomb that Dr. Seuss is too babyish for them and now they are also too old for Mickey.  


I can't take it anymore.  Stop growing up so dang fast.  

As another example, I always make their birthday cakes every year.  The request from the 11 year old this year is for me to make a large single Cheeto puff cake.  No more "mom can you make me a fire truck" or "mom can you make me volcano or R2D2 or Iron Man or an Earth cake or even a Minecraft Creeper cake".  A CHEETO.  Come on!  So I refused and told him to come back in a week with a new proposal or to at least put a business case together for the Cheeto cake.  You know you have to teach them life lessons and all, and if you want a Cheeto cake - you need to sell the idea to everyone involved and get them on board.  If he comes back with a powerpoint slide deck with talking points you may see me posting a How To for a Cheeto cake!  

Whatever, I'm still going to make them cute Disney treats.  They can't stop me.  But if you also see more Minecraft, Terraria, Plants Vs Zombies, or You Tube inspired treats, you'll know why.  

So apparently these Mickey and Minnie whoopie pies are more for me than anyone else in this house- but that's fine too.  BUT if you are an AFOD (adult fan of Disney) or if your kiddos are still into Disney - make some today!

I shared the how to make these Mickey and Minnie whoopie pies here on sheknows!

Thanks for stopping by and have a sweet week!

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  1. I'm definitely an AFOD and love your whoopie pies. I visited Disney twice last year and could go again and again. Have fun making that Cheeto cake, if that's what he really wants. I can't say I would have ever even thought to make a Cheeto cake. It's a pretty funny idea.

  2. Oh my, I love Disney and these adorable whoopie pies but a Cheeto Cake would be awesome! :)


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