Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Day 7 Star Wars Creature Candies & Cupcakes #12daysofStarWars

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 7 Star Wars Creature Candies & Cupcakes #12daysofStarWars

Hey all Happy Saturday! Guess what?? Only 5 days until the new movie opens! 

And for the #12daysofStarWars countdown we're onto:


Star Wars Creature Candies and Cupcakes!

All of the creatures in the SW franchise are my favorites and a reason why so many love the movies. I'm totally speculating on that but if I had to guess why the movies have lasted so long, one of the reasons would be the awesome creatures peppered throughout. 

Many creatures don't have lines but they do play big parts.

Remember the Mynocks?  They were creatures within a creature. Or the Sarlacc that is consuming Boba Fett over years and years (or so when we last saw him anyway).

Some of my other favs are the Bantha - that produces cool light blue milk, the Acklay - all claws and fangs, the Jawa (utini!), the Rancor - crushed by Luke on Jabba's sand barge, and the Sarlacc again.

I can't forget 2 of my favorite Hoth planet creatures.  The Tauntaun whose innards make a nice sleeping blanket and the Wampa - who I feel could be the misunderstood Bumble from Rudolph.

And these guys are my favorite trio of all time.  

Ewoks - We just named our newest puppy Wicket - so big Ewok fans here.  They are a force to be reckoned with even with their primitive tools.  Max Rebo - one of the musicians that plays for Jabba - he needs a better agent.  And another Jawa, because they travel in packs. 

Enjoy them on their own as candies or use them to make some Star Wars themed cupcakes in celebration of the new movie.

And I know these creatures are not to scale - or Max Rebo would be tiny compared to the Rancor or a Bantha but let's pretend all is well since they are candy anyway!  Only a few more days to go until The Force Awakens hits movie theaters.  

Next SW treat up tomorrow nite!

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How To Make Star Wars Creatures

  • Marshmallows and shapes of marshmallow Peeps (halloween cats, ghosts)
  • Melting candy wafers in various colors
  • Pretzel sticks (for Acklay legs and Ewok staff)
  • Sweetened coconut flakes (for Wampa)
  • Red licorice (for Sarlacc)
  • M and M's (for Mynocks and Jawa face)
  • Brown, red, and white sprinkles (for Acklay and Mynocks, Tauntaun, and Wampa and Sarlacc)
  • Black round sprinkles (various character eyes)
  • yellow round sprinkles (Jawa eyes)
  • Orange Tootsie roll (rolled to make Ewok hood) 
  1. Cut Peeps and marshmallows into basic character shapes.
  2. Cover or coat with candy melts in appropriate character colors.
  3. Use pretzels, coconut, and other ingredients as details (follow pictures).  Add these while the candy melt is still unhardened or add more melted candy wafers to attach details to the creature.
  4. Mynocks have no marshmallow and are all candy melt/m and m candies, and sprinkles.
  5. Acklay uses candy coated pretzel sticks as legs.
  6. Ewoks hood is a rolled orange Tootsie Roll- microwave 5 seconds and then roll candy and cut to shape.


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