Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Pink Beignet Waffles with Sprinkles

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pink Beignet Waffles with Sprinkles

Can you stand one more pink treat before the onslaught of green St. Patrick's Day foods?? I meant to get this one out before Valentines Day, but life got in the way yet again!  That said, I don't think you need Beignet Waffles just for the holidays.

On the hubby's last trip to New Orleans he brought me back lots and lots of beignet mix.  He knows me oh so well.  I've made beignets a couple times and if you haven't had them before, beignets are magical little puffs of fried dough with lots and lots of powdered sugar on top.  Since I'm always trying new mash-ups and recipes, I decided to waffle them up.  

I just followed the recipe on the box for 1 batch but also added 1/2 cup of strawberry Nesquick (powdered strawberry flavoring that you add to milk aka strawberry milk) for flavor and color. Then just make waffles from the batter.

Once cooled at melted candy wafers (candy melts) and your favorite sprinkles.  

Feel free to add a lot because the beignet mix is not very sweet on its own so it needs a little sugar to sweeten things up.

Or you can also just add powdered sugar too!

Did I mention adding lots of sprinkles??

So I'm pretty sure these will help to keep you warm during this super cold Winter we are having in the US! What else are you doing or making to keep warm??

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