Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Lego Themed Valentines Day Cards and Candies

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lego Themed Valentines Day Cards and Candies

You guys know my love and my kids' obsession love for anything Lego related right? I mean I've made so many treats that I have a Lego Themed Page!  We probably have hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces, who know probably millions, but the kids really do love them and create some amazing things with them.  With Valentine's Day coming up I couldn't resist doing a fun Valentines Day treat again.  

Minifigure Lego guys and bricks made from candy to go along with some cute v-day printables.  I loved adding the heart sprinkle to them!

Can you tell the candy Lego bricks from the real ones?

Find more here on how to make them including the free Valentines Day card printable at she knows

Since I had some leftover candies I also made some extra Lego minifigures for my kiddos.  What do you think??

Happy Almost Weekend to you All!


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