Sugar Swings! Serve Some: amsterdam inspired waffles...!

Friday, June 15, 2012

amsterdam inspired waffles...! back in may, i had a work trip to amsterdam...first time there and i was on my own....once the meeting was done i took the train into amsterdam city (btw-so easy to navigate the trains there!)....i stumbled upon these while exploring the city....

....belgian waffles or "wafels" topped with all sorts of sugary goodness....!...AND they ask you if you want them warmed....i had the strawberry and chocolate one warmed and it was unbelievably messy and delicious!

so needless to say i had to try it out once i got home....but these are just plan old waffles dipped in melted chocolate....then raided all the sprinkles i have stored up....

....i also found these neat sprinkles in the city too.....once i got home and opened them i found out they were anise flavored (kinda like tiny little good n' plenty's!)....

....the amsterdam belgian waffles were far better....but these were fun too and a nice treat to bring into the office!

....oh and what dad wouldn't want some sugary waffles for father's day?! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there....

...since i was on my own in amsterdam i did a lot of instagram' are a few of them

bitterballen (dutch meatballs) and wieckse beer for dinner 
loved the meeting snacks (yes - cupcakes topped with maracons!) 
in line at the Anne Frank House and Museum
people watchin' the red light district  
stumbled upon a fun carnival 
bicycling is the norm in amsterdam
this is how a mall rolls in amsterdam city! 
Dutch roze koeks "pink cakes" common there--kinda like pound cake with layer of fondant
....thanks amsterdam for a great time and the dutch people were super nice....can't wait to go back!

ps. hope you like the new blog face--it's still a WIP and i want to add a menu bar, but thanks to Something Swanky's great tutorials....i was able to do some stuff on my took forevs but you do get a nice sense of accomplishment :)


  1. There is a "cart" at Boston's Fanueil Hall that sells these Dutch waffles--delicious!! Thank you for sharing your photos to another place on my "Bucket List" to visit<3

    1. there is a waffle cart in nyc too and people freak out when it shows up!

  2. Lovely to see you had a great time in Amsterdam!! The blue and white sprinkles you've got there are called " muisjes" translated that would be " little mice". They are called that because of the drop shape and the tiny little tale on them. They are traditionally served when a baby is born. You serve them to the guests. They are on top of something called "beschuit". There's nothing that even remotely looks like " beschuit" , hahaha! It's a sort of sweet toast :) Hope you enjoy theme, we love them over here in Amsterdam ;)

    1. awesome thanks for the info on the little mice! funny! i thoroughly enjoyed myself in your city, just wished i had the hubby with me to share it too.

  3. What an amazing trip!!! I had something similar in Japan and they were amazing! Yours look even better, though! I can't wait to try them! Thanks!

  4. what great pictures, and I am so going to make waffles like this, yummy!

  5. The waffles are great and what a wonderful trip!

  6. Love those waffles! What a fun way to dress them up! Now, just top them with ice cream for an over-the-top sugar overload of YUM!

  7. LOVE your post! I was just linking up somewhere and saw your post. Today is National Waffle Iron Day and I have a post up along with a link up! I'd be honored if you linked up this waffle post and any of your others in the linky! Let's Spread the Waffle Love!


  8. oh my gosh, i LOVE bitterballen! we went to aruba in april, and our waiter was surprised we knew what bitterballen was (aruba is a dutch country, so they have that there.) we just HAD to get it and compare it to the ones we had in holland! looks like you had a great trip.

  9. Where in Amsterdam is the pictured waffle place?


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