Sugar Swings! Serve Some: triple crown cupcakes...ok maybe not!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

triple crown cupcakes...ok maybe not! i was all set to make some triple crown cupcakes for the Belmont Stakes horse race today...! support of I'll Have Another...the horse that won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness races this year.....the first horse in 34 years with a chance at the Triple Crown (winning all 3 races)....but sadly he was just retired early due to tendonitis.....huge bummer!....but i guess that's a tribute to his owner and trainers because they easily could have not mentioned anything and raced him anyway...glad to know they really do care about the well being of the animals too....

BUT these are still for the Belmont Stakes today!....i'm going with Dullahan for the some vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and crushed graham crackers for him!.....they are made with this stuff added into a white boxed cake mix....

...some color changing pudding...which to me just looks green!

...and the cupcakes are filled with this stuff (which i got from santa in my stocking and totally forgot about until now!)

delicious! reminds me of really really concentrated butter beer from Harry Potter (so obviously must do some type of cupcake related to that)....

...they are frosted with some chocolate buttercream and covered in crushed chocolate graham crackers (hopefully that looks like the dirt track)....toppers are candy melt/wafers....the 3 races logos and some horse shoes....

....the texture of the crunchy top, vanilla cake, and the toffee filling makes one of my most fav cupcakes to date!'s probably not going to be one of my kids favs because of the filling...but i think most grown ups will love 'em...(i hope!)....

....have a great rest of your was a really tough week for me, so i'm looking forward to relaxing with kids and good friends and enjoying the good times....!

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  1. Oh I want sticky toffee sauce!!! Yum! You cupcakes look heavenly!

  2. That toffee filling must be amazing! The "dirt" topping looks great too:)

  3. What a cute idea! My husband wanted me to do a Belmont Stakes party,like we did for the Kentucky Derby, but after I learned "I'll Have Another" was scratched, I was less enthusiastic. Yum on the cupcakes!

  4. Sticky toffee sauce? Oh my I must have that. These are such cute cupcakes!


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