Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Cat in the Hat - Sprinkle Inside Surprise Cookies

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cat in the Hat - Sprinkle Inside Surprise Cookies

Woo! It's March which means spring is right around the corner AND it's Dr. Seuss' birthday (March 2nd!). I love this time because usually there all kinds of fun Read Across America and Dr. Seuss activities happening at the kid's school.  And who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?!!

To celebrate this year I made some Cat in the Hat sugar cookies.

To start I used some store bought sugar cookie dough.  I didn't have a cookie cutter that would work, so I just printed out the Cat's Hat and cut out the cookies by hand.  To save more time I used Wilton's Color Mist spray to give the red color to the hat and an edible marker in black for the detail.    

Roll out the dough to 1/4 inch and cut out the hats using the image as the guide - I would refrigerate or freeze the cut out cookies if you have the time.  Freezing allows the cookies keep their shape better when baking.  If you don't have the patience (like I didn't) - if you bake the cookies and they puff out and loose their shape too much, you can re-cut out the hat shape while the cookies are still warm and soft.  That actually worked pretty well for me.  

I've also been dying to make those cool "piƱata" or surprise inside cookies too so gave it a go.  You'll need 3 cut out hats for each cookie.  One for the bottom, one cookie for the middle - with center cut out so you can fill that area with sprinkles, and one cookie for the top.  Add Cat in the Hat colored sprinkles to the center of the cookie.  Attach the cookies together with some melted vanilla candy wafer (you could use your favorite melting chips too).

I used red, blue, white, and black colored sprinkles from various mixes I already had in the cupboard.
Spray the red hat sections with the color mist.  I used a pieces of parchment paper to only show the section of the cookie I wanted to spray with color (the spray is a bit wet when it goes on and can bleed onto the other parts of your cookie if you are not careful with this part).  Once the spray is dry, add the detail with a black edible marker.  I followed the hat details on my printed image. 

The best part is breaking it open! 

It was also pretty neat hearing the sprinkles when you shake the cookies! 

Super Fun!

And just think only a few weeks until Spring - I think most of us have had way too much of snow & winter!  It's snowing again in Jersey as I type.  Thanks for stopping by and have an AWESOME week!

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  1. I love how these cookies look just like a drawing out of a Dr. Suess book. The coloring is perfect. What a fun way to celebrate his birthday.

    1. thanks Beth! Had too much fun making these - and my first surprise inside cookie! Have a great weekend.


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