Sugar Swings! Serve Some: The Grinch Cereal Treats

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Grinch Cereal Treats

I can't go a christmas season without the Grinch.  It's just impossible.  And by The Grinch, I mean the old cartoon, not the movie.  (Jim Carrey I love ya, but you can't beat the old animated movie!)

I did these Grinch cupcakes ages ago:

And I love how many have done the Grinch cupcakes similarly.  Do you ever google your stuff to see what comes up?? or maybe that's just me :) Anywho, I wanted to try something else grinch-y this year and I've been on a cereal treat kick lately because they are so easy and most people love 'em.  These are just the basic rice krispie treat recipe, and tinted chartreuse.  (in case you are wondering, 5:1 lemon yellow to leaf green food gel).  Here's a great mixing chart for colors!

Cut out rectangles and then cut/taper a little for the Grinch head.  Once you are happy with the shape, add yellow candy melt eyes, flat round sprinkles for the red eyes, and black candy melt for the mouth.

Add a little more light green candy melt for his tuft of hair.

And that's pretty much it.  

And if you feel like it, do his pal Max the dog and Cindy Lou Who!

Well if Max and Cindy Lou were zombies! Ah well, at least I tried.  Not all of the things I think up come out exactly as pictured in my head.  Happy week before Christmas!


  1. What a great idea! I love your Grinchy krispie treats!

  2. Thanks Robin! And pretty easy too! love how your grinch toppers came out!

  3. Your Grinch looks PERFECT, Michelle! I also like the original, animated version the best!

    1. thanks so much Sue, yeah its not xmas without the grinch cartoon!

  4. Oh, these are great. I love the green color!

  5. These look easy and awesome, I've always wanted a grinch bday since its in December hope they come out like yours

  6. Please post more ideas I love FallOut ps4 vault boy


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