Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Wrapped Christmas Present Krispie Treats

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wrapped Christmas Present Krispie Treats

Is Christmas really less than 2 weeks away?? That seriously is crazy talk.   But it is what it is, and it comes faster every year.  What can you do?  So I made the kids (and you!) some mini presents to get into Christmas mode!

Very simple to make too.  Made from squares and rectangles cut out from krispie treats (I used cocoa krispies but you can use whatever flavor you like).  I have a bunch of holiday sprinkles in fun shapes so I thought I could use them to make it look like wrapping paper.

Just dip the sides of the treats in some melted candy or royal icing, then while still wet add the sprinkles.  My Type A personality forced me to line them up in neat little rows, but feel free to add them more randomly if you prefer!

Once the candy is hardened, you can add cute little bows on top.  I used taffy and/tootsie roll.  Melt in the microwave for about 5-7 seconds then roll out the candy and cut out strips to make bows.  Add a big round sprinkles/candies on top to finish the "bow" effect.

And you get cute little wrapped presents!

So cute and tiny - make some for your elf on the shelf! (If you do that thing, we personally have banned the elf here - too much pressure to remember that every night and he kinda reminds me of a creepy little clown).  But I'm sure he would love to leave some little wrapped edible presents around your house!

Fun right?

OK off to do some online shopping before it gets too late to get stuff delivered.  Santa apparently has A LOT of shopping still to do!  Oh and don't forget to enter the Give the Gift of Gingerbread Giveaway - it's open until December 17th!


  1. Cute! You lined them up so nicely:) I could live off Cocoa Krsipies!

    1. thanks Sue! the kiddos definitely enjoyed this treat!


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