Sugar Swings! Serve Some: superhero oreos and cupcakes....!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

superhero oreos and cupcakes....! i know i do a lot of superhero stuff! here, and here, and here, and here.....but on a trip down to universal studios in orlando, florida i picked up this luggage tag....isn't it ridiculously cute??? so i knew i would be trying to make these into some sort of goodie eventually......

....and oreos (which is pretty much the perfect cookie) were a perfect canvas....along with some candy wafers/melts in assorted colors....just put one color on top of an oreo (to get them to adhere i just stuck a cookie sheet of them outside in the 104 degree weather we've been having on the east coast....just so they melt slightly and get rid of the chalky appearance the candy melts sometimes have right out of the bag)

....then just add the superhero detail with some more melted candy melt (add color to zip lock baggie, snip a small end, then pipe on the detail) one color at a time and let candy harden in between colors....super simple, these probably took me less than an hour to put together all the superhero topped oreos....

....and you can also use them as cupcake toppers...!

....some spiderman and venom cupcakes! (i totally forgot to add venom's red tongue...and that's so bothering me now that i look as these pics!)

....and you get some really cutie cute and simple superhero topped oreos and/or cupcakes...

....if you have superhero freaks living in your house (or maybe YOU are a superhero freak)....then these will totally make their/your day!

...and goodbye July and hello august! hard to believe all the back to school stuff and goodies will be popping up all over blogland fact it's already fall over at pinterest....lots of fall goodies and crafts being pinned all over the place....even some thanksgiving and christmas stuff too (pinterest is way worse than retail stores in starting to make me paranoid about getting behind on the holiday seasons!) usual thanks so much for stopping by.....i'm going to go workout (woohoo! week 2 of P90X) and have a cookie as a reward!


  1. Girl those are adorable!!! I love how simple and easy they are. I love them on top of the cupcakes too!!! Hhhmmm I wonder if I have any reason to make them!!!!

  2. My grandson would have gone "nuts" over them--super heroes are his thing! I'll have to make him some as a surprise. Thanks for a great idea! XOXO

  3. very cool. Have also checked out your other super hero baking! I'm gonna have one very happy little boy when i try this out. Ihave pinned it all!!!!) thank you so much for inspiring me!

  4. wow you are so creative and talented! Love the superhero oreos - very beautifully done!

  5. I know some little munchkins that would love these! Your superheroes are just...SUPER! :)


  7. Wow. Apart from the fact that I love Oreo's this makes them even more yummy. Just perfect for the recu-parenting household.


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