Sugar Swings! Serve Some: lego and superhero frozen yogurt and fruit pops...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

lego and superhero frozen yogurt and fruit pops... i started working out for the first time in like a billion years.....i'm using one of those DVD systems that up front tell you...."you are totally going to be sore and hating life but you'll be happy with yourself once you are done" sounds fun right?...i'm only on week 1, so i'll let you know how it's going...but lets just say i think i'm working muscles that may never have been worked out---ever!

and since i'm working out, i can't have a lot of sugary cake-y sweets around, that's just way too much the kids are pretty much sick of cupcakes from me.....

i've been pinning a bunch of "healthy desserts" lately, and decided to make some yogurt pops with some fruit n' yogurt toppers....

these are super simple some yogurt (whatever flav you like)....i used banana, blueberry and strawberry....and plop some on a baking sheet lined with parchment and add a stick (the guru of all stuff on sticks, meaghan over at the decorated cookie, did yogurt pops but flavored them herself!--that took an extra step so i opted for store bought!)...don't freeze yet. (oh and make sure your cookie sheet fits in your freezer!)

for the toppers....i seem to keep collecting ice cube trays since i use them all the time for things other than ice! and who doesn't like lego and super heroes?

and we recently had a fruit tasting with the kiddos to see if i could get them eating more than their usual routine of fruits....(btw-they seem to think figs are the most disgusting fruit in the world....but they did try them along with kiwi, prickly pear, and a bunch of others, so win!)....

....i blended up some of the leftover fruit and added a little vanilla yogurt to the mix in a zip lock baggie.....then added some of the mix to the molds...freeze well.  After about 2 hours, pop the fruit "cubes" out of the molds and add immediately to the unfrozen yogurt pops...(well immediately after you take some cool pics, if you do that sort of thing!)

these actually make great snacks too if you make a bunch and keep them in the freezer....


...freeze the pops for a good few hours (or even overnite if you want).....

and you get some yummy fruit and yogurt pops!

at least the kids like them!
...and no worries i'll be back to more buttercream and cake-y stuff soon enough :)  thanks for stopping by and have an excellent rest of the week!


  1. Those are so adorable! Love the little legos. I started doing p90x and I feel like I want to die, so I get it. lol

  2. These are so cool. My kids would gobble these up and not even realize they were healthy. :o). And I agree with your kids - figs are nasty.

  3. I have this mold and just did gummies with it but I cannot wait to do this, maybe I can get my oldest to try more fruit this way!

  4. So cute, and healthy too:) The color combination is so pretty.

  5. What a fun, fantastic idea!!! I have these molds! Used them for my sons bday last year! Never figured out a good way to use them since then....until now! Awesome!!! My kids will be very excited kids!

  6. OMG--I have a grandson that would be at your front door! XOXO

  7. awesome idea, thank you for sharing the idea. I am pinning this.

    stopping by from the blog hop!

    Tamika @

  8. Where can I find these molds? Love them. Thank you for sharing this.


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