Sugar Swings! Serve Some: summertime brownie bites....!

Friday, August 10, 2012

summertime brownie bites....! aren't bars like the perfect dessert to bring over for a party? (well ok, pretty much any dessert is cool to bring to a party!) but bars are so relatively bake up a pan, cut them up....and you've got a bunch of fun bars and if you cut them into squares, they are the perfect and bite size....i've done bars a bunch of rainbow blondie bars, cake batter granola barsfootball brownie bites, frosted cookie bars, and more frosted brownie bars...(wow that's a lot of bars!)

...for these i just used a boxed brownie mix (i did the more cake like brownies and added an extra egg) and to make them even more fun, piped on some buttercream....

....and to make them even more fun....drew some faces onto yellow m and m's....

...add a little yellow royal icing for some fun yellow suns....(trying to see how many times i can use *fun* in a post!!!)

....but then thought they needed to be a little more fun and added some orange rays too...

...and you get some really FUN iced brownie bites to go along with the perfect sunny summer weather....


  1. We've finally had a glimpse of summer here in the Pacific NW and I'm not complaining, but I have friends on the east coast that are wishing for fall:-( Maybe I need to make these brownies to remind them of how much fun summer is! XOXO

  2. Hey now THAT'S what I call a summer treat! They're almost too cute and pretty to eat but I'm pretty sure I'll manage :)

  3. These are so stinkin' cute!!! Great summer treat! Love your little suns!

  4. Super Cute! I am loving these summer treats!

  5. Bars are so much fun to bring to parties!!! And brownies with buttercream and cute sunshine m&m's...way cool!!!

  6. These are super cute - gotta love the little sunshine dudes!

  7. LOVE the tiny suns against the blue! So pretty and cute!

  8. How FUN!! Loving it. the suns are adorable!


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