Sugar Swings! Serve Some: happy heart day cake....!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

happy heart day cake....!

heart cake

...nope didn't mean valentine's day.....happy heart day.....january 16th is a really special day around is the 3rd anniversary of our daughter's new heart.....she had a transplant when she was 8 months old.....(and knock on wood....has been doing absolutely fantastic ever since)....spent the entire day as a family enjoying the day....and made her this heart cake....because it is such a special day....and actually it will work for valentine's day too....!

....found this red velvet cake recipe....and since i've been meaning to do less with the artificial colors....went with beet juice for the red mix about 4 ounces of beet juice with the cocoa's not a really intense red....and with the cocoa it ended up coloring the cake like a cafe au lait color...hence the "red" velvet.....(i was so tempted to just add some red americolor.....but in the end wanted to see what the beet juice did....if anything....)

.....the cake is a 6 inch layer cake.....baked 3 layers....and once cooled cut each of the layers in there were 6 layers iced with vanilla buttercream.....crumb coated first.....

.....then iced with a thicker layer....and used a spatula to make the side markings...amanda from i am baker gives a great tutorial on how to do this.....the hearts are made from what else...?....candy melts!....made from a heart mold in all the different colors.....before they were totally hardened....add a tooth pick (kinda like a heart lollipop) so you can insert them into the cake....the little hearts in the middle of the candy hearts are from a valentine's day sprinkle mix.....attached with some melted candy..... you can see that it wasn't really a red velvet cake with the beet time i might try beet powder to see if that works any better for red coloring....if anyone has any other suggestions let me know....!


....but it was pretty tasty regardless...and we just called it a chocolate cake and the kiddos had no problems with that....!.....also need to work on getting more even layers with a layer cake....all in all an awesomely awesome day....


....and if you are not already....please please please consider becoming an organ donor....there are so many people on waiting lists and our little shmoopy would not be here had another's family not given such a special gift.....find out so much!

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  1. Wow, what a great cause for celebration!!! Happy 3rd Anniversary, and Happy heart day to all of you, and especially to your little shmoopy:) BTW, your cake is beautiful!

  2. Happy Heart Day and MANY hugs to the G-girl!! The cake is awesome. I love the candy heart picks - they are the perfect touch

  3. A beautiful cake... and a wonderful reason to celebrate! Happy 3rd Anniversary of your daughter's heart transplant.

    Look at all those yummy layers. Now that's a true sugar swing!

    e-Mom @ Susannah's {Kitchen}

  4. This is such a cute cake! Perfect for Valentine's Day!

    I'm having the very first GIVEAWAY on my blog. Please stop by to submit an entry. Best of luck!

  5. What a great looking cake. It's my son' s birthday today, so I'm sure he'd enjoy this.

    Like Amy (above), I'm having a GIVEAWAY on my blog as well to celebrate my 100th post - yay!

  6. What a beautiful cake! The hearts are adorable. Someone told me that they were having trouble with my button so I checked yours just to test it out and it links to a different site. Just wondered if you were having problems with it too?

  7. Love this cake! Great reason to celebrate!

  8. What a wonderful day to celebrate. I am so glad for you and your family that things have been going smoothly ever since. The cake looks great. I am not much for the scary red of red velvet cakes, so this cake looks super.

  9. The lolipops were such a cute accessory! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Am trying the granola cake right now... I didn't have but 4 cups of oats so I added chocolate chips. Mmmmmmm I tried it before I put it in and it can only get better!!! I love your recipes and the love you put into the details.


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