Sugar Swings! Serve Some: marbled heart topped cupcakes.....!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

marbled heart topped cupcakes.....!

cupcakes with marbled hearts these were totally made from leftovers that i had from this velvet cupcakes...but the "red" from beet juice....and basically not so red.....(see below)....

....and the hearts are made from candy melts (i know i know....enough with the candy melts....but have i mentioned how much i love love love candy melts?....i totally wish someone would do a blog giveaway with all the colors in the rainbow of candy melts....i'd totally do whatever they wanted me to do....follow your you on your your laundry....whatever and like 3 times over to enter that!.....or maybe i'll just wait for those michael's coupons to come out...!)

....anyway....i had melted too much and kinda hate wasting perfectly good candy---who does right? was playing around with the mold and mixing colors....and ended up with these cute little marbled hearts.....and if you have not used candy melts before....tap the molds hard to get out any air pockets.....and work fast because it hardens pretty fast....oh and for these add a toothpick to make little heart lollipops/heart picks....

...probably not really needed but had some white peppermint life savers around so used them as the base for inserting the heart picks.....the frosting is vanilla buttercream....but tinted pink with some of the beet juice (which was used as the coloring for the cupcakes)'s such a pretty shade of pink....fits in nicely with valentine's day coming up...


....and the cake is not really that deep red like normal red velvet cupcakes....but it's growing on me and i may try some beet powder next time to see if that works any better.....and since there's beet in these i pretend they are a little more healthy than the normal version....that works right?....

red velvet cupcake

....happy early valentine's day....!

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  1. These are so fun. And I love how you frosted your cupcakes. What tip do you use?

  2. Cute cupcakes! They look healthier to me.

  3. The vibrant colors just POP on the pale pink frosting! love them.

  4. thanks! the tip was an Ateco # 888 Swirl kinda does a funky flat swirl!

  5. love those cute little hearts!! what a great idea! and your cupcakes, man alive those look good.

  6. yummy! the hearts are absolutely adorable... i need to try this! :D

    came from the tasty tuesday blog hop and am your newest follower! stop by my blog if you get the chance!

  7. What a great idea! Love how you used the lifesavers.
    Thanks for sharing with us on Cupcake Tuesday!


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