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Monday, January 3, 2011

paying it forward giveaway...and updated with winner!

....aren't these super cute?....and nope didn't make them....but spotted them while post christmas shopping at a pier one.....on clearance and they were just too cute to pass up....but my kiddos were super lucky this holiday season....and got way too much stuff....thanks to some very generous family and friends...(except for that big plastic police station thingee with a super loud cb radio which the kids apparently love to scream into at the top of their lungs....a key piece of this parent torture device will go missing very soon....shhh).....

...anyway....recently i won this cool book from Loren of The Baking Sheet....and that was a real treat...!....i said i would pay it forward here it say happy new year to everyone....this wooden confectionary set is the giveaway....and i'm really not asking much....become a follower of the blog...and leave me a comment that you did....and if you follow on FB....i'll throw you in again (if you already are a follower of the blog and on FB....just leave a comment saying that or with whatever info you'd like to share...i'm not picky....even if it's "sheesh another giveaway that i have to become follower...!"....that's fine...i get it....but still do it to enter the giveaway :) you have a great chance of winning!.....

....and who wouldn't want this for their little one(s)....and if you want it for yourself....that's cool too...!......because it is really awesome to get neat stuff in the mail for free....and really i'm just trying to make someone smile when this shows up at their front door one day soon.....and spreading kindness and making more people smile in the world is so simple but so important....

....i'll leave the giveaway open until midnight Jan 9th EST.....but regardless do something nice to make someone smile today....and leave a comment if you do...that would be even more awesome then winning this....!...happy new year to all....and thanks to everyone who does read and follow the blog....started this without much thought about why...but it really is great to find others that share in the baking enthusiasm....!....more real treat posts to come soon...!

....I had my little's the winner is Baker's Treats! I'm not finding your email so please send me one at so I can send it to you! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to play :)

It's a Blog Party


  1. I have one of these. Aren't they adorable?!

  2. I just started reading this blog yesterday, and i became a follower withing minutes. love what i have seen so far.

  3. I've become a follower! I have twin daughters with a birthday in March and I've been looking for this exact type of thing. I tried to order a wooden candy set for them for Christmas but it was out of stock. I'll cross my fingers. In the meantime, I'll explore your wonderful blog. ;-)

  4. I, too, have become a follower! Your blog is so adorable and I love how you include your techniques. I hope to recruit some more people this weekend when I try out your Neapolitan New Year's Eve Cupcakes.
    Thanks so much and Happy New Year :)

  5. Oh, these are too cute. I hope I win this!! I'm a fairly new follower but I'm already a huge fan, on Facebook too!

  6. Oh my . . . those are cute. I have the perfect home for those =) My pay it forward was a random act of kindness and did not witness how it effect them. Left a card on a window and inside the card was a lottery ticket scratch-er. The note in the card said "pay it forward".

    itsrenee (at) att (dot) net

  7. These are absolutely adorable! I would LOVE them!!! Of course I'm a follower!!!

    I have a giveaway going on too right now. Come check it out =o)

  8. Oops, you might need my email address from my post above:

  9. I just stumbled across your blog from a comment you posted on cookies and cups:) I'm following your blog now-looks like some delicious stuff around here;)

  10. I am already a follower of your blog and Facebook. I love your creative ideas.

  11. New Follower and FB Fan! Fun fun giveaway!!!

    mammaliciousmamma at yahoo dot com

  12. Sooooo cute! My neice would love these! We play tea party every time she visits!



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