Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Winter Birds & Birch Trees Graham Cracker Treats

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Winter Birds & Birch Trees Graham Cracker Treats

Hi all - Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018! 

I know it's been the new year for at least 1/2 a month already so I guess that means I'm already behind!  

I did finally get around to making a new treat though - so that's a win!  

I've made decorated graham crackers a few times before (see below post) and I've had an idea for more jelly bean birds - but this time on pretzels decorated like little birch trees.

Start with some graham crackers as your "canvas" 

Dip pretzel sticks into white chocolate (as your "birch trees) and add to the graham crackers

Since these are winter scenes - add more white chocolate as "snow" and before hardened add jelly beans in various colors as they will be the winter birds

Use an edible marker to add birch tree rings - or you can just paint it on using black or brown food gel

Add more birds - eyes are made with the edible marker and beak/feet with some yellow candy melting wafers

Add a border with more melted chocolate and some sprinkled powdered sugar as more background snow

 Perfect little winter bird scenes to go along with the frigid temps in the Northeast coast!

Here are some other easy decorated graham crackers or jelly bean bird treats you might like:

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