Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Halloween Sugar Wafer Mini Houses

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Sugar Wafer Mini Houses

I made mini sugar wafer houses - again! I made them a few months back for sheknows and they came out super cute so when I spotted sugar wafers made in cookies and creme and orange creamsicle flavors and I thought they'd make perfect little Halloween houses.  And they did!

You do need to do a little cutting but its not very complicated.  

Once you have the sections cut out, use melted white chocolate chips or melting candy wafers as glue to hold everything together.

Then decorate with seasonal candies and sprinkles to make them Halloween houses.  I added more little birds too.  Little birds with candy corn hats - because, Halloween.

I think they'd be such a cute addition to any Halloween party - maybe as a place card setting?!

Or wrapped up as Halloween party favors!

I had so much fun making these too.  They are made of all the stuff I love Halloween sprinkles, mini, little birds, sugar wafers! Win - win - win - and win!

The countdown to Halloween is on - are you dressing up this year??  How many Star Wars characters do you think there will be? I'm guessing a lot!

Halloween Sugar Wafer Houses

Yields 8-10

Total time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

  • 1 package cookies and cream and orange cream sugar wafers— you will need about 3-4 wafers per house (depending on how large the wafers are)
  • 2 cups white melting candy wafers or white chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup black melting wafers
  • Jelly beans - black, white, and orange
  • Yellow melting candy wafers (for bird details)
  • Black food writer 
  • Halloween candies or sprinkles
  • Candy pumpkins and candy corn
  1. For the house, cut 2 sugar wafers to give them pointed ends — these pieces will be the front and back of your house.
  2. Then, cut 1 piece of rectangular-shaped sugar wafer — these will be the bottom of your house. It should be longer than the width of your pointed wafers as the birds/pumpkins will need to sit on the end of these pieces.
  3. Cut 2 rectangular shapes for the roof. Cut them long enough to cover the pointed sides of your first pieces. Use the pictures above as a guide.
  4. Melt candy wafers or chips in a Ziplock bag in the microwave in 10 second intervals until all melted. Snip the corner of one end to pipe the candy.
  5. Add some melted candy to the pointed sugar wafers and "glue" them together. Glue the pointed sugar wafers on top of your base while making sure there is enough room at the end for your birds/pumpkins. Glue the pieces that will be your roof on each side of the pointed sugar wafers. You may need to experiment with your first house to see what will be the right fit. Cut a small piece of wafer and glue it to the very top of the birdhouse to give it a more completed look.
  6. Add melted white chips and black candy wafers to add doors.  Once dried pipe a small door knob.  
  7. Attach Halloween candies and pumpkins with more melted candy.
  8. Using yellow melting wafers, attach jelly beans to the ends of your bird houses or on roof. Add the beaks and feet with yellow melting wafers.
  9. Add bird eyes with a black food writer.  For black birds add white eyes with melted white chips.
  10. For bird hats, use white and black melted chips/wafers and pipe a dime sized disc onto parchment paper.  Cut candy corns in half and add the pointed tip (wider side down) into the melted candy while still wet.  Let harden for 10 mins.  Once hardened attach hat to jelly beans with more melted chips/wafers.

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  1. These houses are amazing and would definitely make perfect place settings for a Halloween party.

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