Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Silver Surfer Whoopie Pies

Friday, May 15, 2015

Silver Surfer Whoopie Pies

So as the annual tradition dictates, I made the hubster whoopie pies for his birthday this year.  Not just any old whoopie pies, Silver Surfer whoopie pies!

The Silver Surfer is his fav Marvel super hero.  If you don't know the back story, Silver Surfer started out as a herald for Galactus.   Galactus is the bad guy who eats world's energy- HE DEVOURS WORLDS.  That's a bad ass villian super power if you ask me.  Well Silver Surfer used to find worlds to be on deck for Galactus, but when he came to Earth and met the Fantastic Four - he had a change of heart and turned on Galactus.  

Anyway, the hubster has always been a huge Silver Surfer fan and still has his comic book collection from when he was in college.  My original plan was to buy him the first Silver Surfer comic (circa 1968) but I can't really justify spending the hefty price tag for it when it will probably be sitting in a plastic sleeve for years, so went with plan B.  (Although I have to admit Issue #1 looks pretty darn cool!)

Plan B was Silver Surfer themed whoopie pies.  They start like any other whoopie pie recipe.  I always use this recipe because it's so tasty and pretty fail safe.   Pipe and bake your "pie" circles.  

Once cool, add the text (or whatever your design) with melted candy wafers/melts.  You could use  melted white chocolate chips as well.

The silver is from silver color mist - which is like edible spray paint.  If you have not used this before, try it, it makes coloring some projects so easy and fast! (I don't get paid or product from Wilton, I just love the stuff and have it in most colors!).  Once the candy melt is hardened, spray the color mist on both whoopie pie halves and let dry.  

Add your favorite whoopie pie filling and serve.  

And as I mentioned, in place of birthday cake we do birthday whoopie pies! 

 Happy birthday to my best friend, The best dad, and my better half for the past 20+ years!  

And thank you for swinging by - have an awesome week!

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  1. Una presentaciĆ³n perfecta para unos whoopies que se ven realmente deliciosos; me encantan y tambiĆ©n este personaje!!
    Feliz Domingo!!!


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