Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Coffin and Skeleton Mini Cakes

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coffin and Skeleton Mini Cakes

Only a week until Halloween! Are you ready? (and by ready meaning ready for another Halloweeny treat??

First off, have you seen the Cheetos Bag of Bones that Frito Lay has out right now? It's filled with white cheddar skeleton parts so you can build your own skeleton.  I searched down a bag and had to come up with something fun to make with them.

And if you have skeletons, you kinda need coffins right? These are made from a couple of things.  Cookies and creme sugar wafers make the basic coffin shape and the bottom of the coffin is chocolate graham crackers.  Cut into the shape you want and use melted black candy wafers (or you can use melted chocolate chips too) to glue the pieces together.

Once you have your edible coffins (now that's a weird word combo!), cut out a similar coffin shapes from a chocolate sheet cake.  I just did this by eye balling the size and trimming as needed.  Then frost with chocolate frosting.  You don't even have to be neat because it basically gets covered anyway!

Add some candies on top of the cake - not needed but it makes them more fun.  I used candy coated sunflower seeds in Fall/Halloween colors.  I use Sunny Seeds as they taste great and come in in so many colors and themes.

Then add your skeleton parts on top!

I never really thought I'd be crafting edible coffins - that just seems a little strange, but you know when you have edible skeleton parts handy, you have to fill a need!  

Happy Only 1 Week to Halloween to you all!  Curious, how many of you actually dress up for Halloween? (Meaning you specifically - not the kiddos!)


  1. I have a few bags of the skeletons for our party and can't keep my hands off of them. I love Cheetos. Your Edible Coffins are great! Happy Halloween.

    1. thanks Beth! I had to track them down. My kids love them too (a little too much!) Happy Halloween back at ya!

  2. hey those cheetos are so cool! and even cooler in your yummy coffins (another weird word combo-lol) and of course i dress up-wouldn't be halloween if i didn't! :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! I like Halloween much better than when I was small. I always felt weird going to houses asking for candy, my kids have no issues at all with that!

  3. Oh my heck - how cute are these?!?! My kids love those Cheetoes Bag of Bones. But you totally rocked it with this one. Adorable!!!


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