Sugar Swings! Serve Some: mini marshmallow ice cream cones....!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

mini marshmallow ice cream cones....! summer can't be over just yet! is it really almost september? we didn't even get to the beach...! oh well, in a last ditch effort to keep the summer going, made some mini ice cream cone homemade marshmallows.....

do you remember these things? mini marshmallow ice cream cones?

i remember them from when i was little, my dad used to bring them home for us...the marshmallow was always kinda stale and chewy but i liked them anyway....

...and a few months ago, i won shauna sever's marshmallow madness! book (how cool is that? dozens of puffalicious recipes!) and making homemade marshmallows has been on the to do list all stinkin' summer...


...AND when i saw these mini ice cream cone cups in the supermarket the other day, i kinda knew what had to be done...(they are tiny!)


...i made the simple vanilla marshmallow recipe from the book....and believe me, i have been putting off making these for months because it seemed like some work, but they really are super simple once you have all the ingredients ready...there is some heating involved and you need a candy thermometer (actually i can't find mine and used a meat thermometer and it worked just fine)....basically you need sugar, gelatin packets, vanilla, water, and corn syrup (yeah i know it's so not in now...but it's not a lot and i don't use the stuff everyday so i think as with everything else in moderation, we're not drinking it like water around here)....

...once you get the marshmallow done (so it clings well to the kitchen aid mixer blade and it's thick enough to hold it's shape), paint the sides of a piping bag with your color of choice using a paintbrush just for food and food gels, then add the marshmallow to the bag....i was going for the look of swirled soft serve cones and used a wilton tip #2D

practice some swirls if needed and to get the color just right...(my swirls are definitely not perfect, but they kinda remind me of the old marshmallow cones)

...there is something about ice cream cones, right...(my most popular post of all time is the rainbow ice cream cone cake bites [thanks if you have shared, liked, or pinned them, and especially if you've credited them back to me!]) especially when they are in bright colors...! so ridiculously cute and so very summery...and tiny!

...and you end up with a bunch of mini marshmallow faux soft serve ice cream cones in a bunch of fun colors to celebrate the remaining days of the summer....

....i still think we need to try to get another month added to summer...maybe call it funtember and everyone is off from work....i'm going to see if i can add it in as some pork barrel legislation...i would totally vote for anyone running on that platform...

.....and these definitely remind me of those marshmallow cones from when i was little, except the fresh homemade marshmallow is like a gagillion times better than the old stale marshmallow that you get in the premade ones....(it was hard not eating the entire batch as they are THAT good!).....

....hope you like the mini cones, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ah yes, but do they have sherbert inside the cone???
    They look yum - I reckon they'd be good left white but with sprinkles added, too!

    1. no unfortunately no sherbert inside, just marshmallow :) and yes I debated on what to decorate with, but opted for the swirled look of soft serve!

  2. What a cool idea. And this post showed me your rainbow cake pop cones. Soo freaking cute.

  3. Love these! Such a fun idea. They came out looking great! I bet the kids (and adults) loved them.

  4. I have those same mini cones:) You put them to good use! So cute!

  5. Seeing these has made me so happy! I am totally making these...thanks so much for sharing!!!

  6. These are so fun! I haven't been able to find those mini cups anywhere but I'm still looking!

  7. These look awesome!!

    Your blog is always so much fun and inspiring! And for that reason I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog and Very Inspiring Blogger Award :) Check it out:

  8. So cute! I am a follower of your blog on Facebook and would love if you could pop over to my new blog and share the blog love!

  9. What a cute use for those mini cones!! I love the fun swirled look that you did!!!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your cute marshmallow cones were chosen to be Today's Feature Post from Cast Party Wednesday! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us! ~Sehryl @ Lady Behind The Curtain~


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