Sugar Swings! Serve Some: chocolate cupcakes with sweetarts frosting....!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

chocolate cupcakes with sweetarts frosting....! have you seen these teeny cupcakes over on pinterest?? they've been on my to do list for ages and the last time the kids begged for a mc'd's happy meal, i swiped extras of their ketchup cups....

...and ta-da...instant mini cupcakes! plus i had seen this cake from easybaked awhile back and thought it was such a neat decided to mash them cupcakes with sweetarts buttercream.....

and i made some regular sized ones too since we were going to visit the girls who draw my daughter's blood work every so often (they are total pros and always get a good vein the first they deserve some homemade cupcakes)

the buttercream is made with these...sweetarts or sweeTARTS (not sure of the proper way to write it but you get the idea)...they are hard candies which are kinda sweet and tart (hence the name!)

....and if your house is like mine....these candies always end up being the last to be picked in the candy bag and seem to always be around way past halloween into christmas and by valentine's day something needs to be done with them...

...earlier in the year i had some leftover vanilla buttercream so decided to crush up some of the leftover sweetarts and add it the the frosting...i added about 5-6 packs of the candies to about 3 cups of buttercream

mix up well...and then i froze it, well because i didn't have a need for it then....and forgot about it until like a week ago!...turns out freezing buttercream for like 7 months is totally fine and the icing was as yummy as it was the day it was made!

...the chocolate cupcake recipe is this super simple and totally yummy recipe from i am baker (btw-she is awesome, every time she takes time to like or comment on one of my instagram pics i get all giddy!) (or is it frost?) as you like with the sweetarts buttercream...which is kinda tangy and the candy gives it a neat texture thing going on

...and you get some boob cupcakes! kidding! (i topped with some candy coated chocolates and colorful nonpareils but don't they make the cupcakes look a bit like boobs??!)....anyhoo the cake is super moist and yummy (NOTE: the batter is really runny but i promise it bakes up great!) topped with some really tasty sweetart buttercream....hope the girls like them!

make yourself some mini and regular sized cupcakes just to celebrate this great fall weather on the east coast.....thanks for stopping by and have an omgawesome week!


  1. I love these! They're so pretty, and the little ones are super cute. I'm totally feeling the sweetarts thing too!

  2. I love everything about these! I definitely need to swipe some condiment cups and try this out! Plus sweet-tart frosting? YUMMO!

  3. These are so cute! You are so innovative, Michelle!


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