Sugar Swings! Serve Some: "healthy" carrot and zucchini cake bites...!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"healthy" carrot and zucchini cake bites...! i'm calling these healthy because they have veggies in them!....and they are made from this carrot and zucchini bar recipe from six sister's stuff, which is a healthier recipe when you compare it to others (everything is all relative right??)....AND it's a cake bite (i refuse to call them balls) in the sense it's a bite of cake but without the frosting added to the cake mix or the shape dipped in chocolate/candy wafers as a coating....and yeah i know some would say this is not really a cake bite then a la bakeralla...which is why i'm saying it's a "healthier" version....that's all!

...bake up the bars as per the recipe...and let cool.....because of all the zucchini and's also a very moist cake (which is key here) no need to even add any frosting to the mix....just squish it up and shape...i added some cake to an ice cube mold....i get mine from dollar stores during the different holiday seasons for super cheap....just make sure you get it filled well and then push down so you fill in any air pockets and to get the design on the cake bite (you could also just roll into bites or form these into shapes as well) and if you really wanted you could add the icing and frosting too...i'm sure it would be tasty with some cream cheese icing added in but i was going for kinda healthy--at least healthier!

...the trick with these.....FREEZE them for a bit so you can pop them out of the mold and keep the shape...also did some flower shapes with another metal pan i have....definitely freeze the pan once you add the cake since you have to pop these out using a knife which can nick some of the shape....

...they popped out of the silicone mold very easily....add some pretzel stick pieces as stems for the pumpkins....and i melted some green and chocolate candy wafers to add the rest of the pumpkin detail....(thought some needed a jack o'lantern face!)

...and see they do have some candy melt in essence it kinda fits the criteria for cake bite!

....and you get some really yummy and "healthier"cake bites to welcome in the fall weather!..they were really moist and kinda like a mini carrot cake

....i'm not totally sure if they would hold up to making cake pops---they might but i didn't try them... would definitely make sure they were frozen over nite if i was going to dip them in chocolate or wafers like regular cake pops....

anyhoo, hope you like them and are getting ready for the fall weather in the US that's coming! it really is one of my favorite times of the year....

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  1. These are awesome! Great job. I'll have to remember this one!

  2. They are so fun! I bet you throw some wonderful parties!

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  4. These are so cute! I need to go check out that recipe. It's a great way to get the kid to eat some veggies :)


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