Sugar Swings! Serve Some: disney princess gingerbread cookies....!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

disney princess gingerbread cookies....! i think i mentioned that i think i do way too many posts geared toward the geek chromosome...(not that girls aren't geeky....but since my oldest is a boy....and the 40+ year old was an engineer in a much earlier life....and was and still is a rush fan....i don't think i need to say anymore....the kids are bound to be into star wars and super heroes and such.....but that said....we also have boy/girl 4 year old twins...and my little guy is pretty much like my 7 year old....but my little pretty much a girlie girl.....and she's just starting to get into princesses....not that we had all that much girl stuff either....but she gravitates towards more girlie funny....nature versus nuture thing....not sure but we just try to make the kids happy regardless....she likes pink and purple....the boys would go nuts if i picked them a pink shirt out....they say they want every boy toy commercial and she the same for the girl stuff.....we don't push them one way or the other and continue to let them know boys can like pink and girls can like biggie....but they definitely have a preference and pick traditional girl and boy stuff.....(however they all like lego building bricks....actually what a great toy for anyone...!).....

....anyhoo thats a long intro for me to say i made some girlie princesses for my princess...(and princes however they want nothing to do with these particular cookies....candy coating and all....!)....earlier this month i did super hero gingerbread cookies....(which of course were a huge hit around here)....but figured i'd do some princesses too--since my little one loves princess belle.... speed up the process again just used a boxed gingerbread cookie mix and cut out gingerbread men shapes.....i sketched out the "princesses" just so i could see what colors went were....detail is mostly wilton candy melts since i have all the colors already....i did use some royal icing tinted skin tone for that part and added that detail first.....eyes/mouth are drawn on with food writers.....

princess gingerbread

....some have asked how long this process takes.....i did all 8 of these last nite (the super heroes i did over a couple nites) just have to think about what detail needs to go on first....then let the candy melt harden if you need to layer on other detail on top (like belle's dress).....oh and i melt all my candy wafers in a zip lock baggie and snip off an end to "pipe" it on....'s princess belle and ariel.....

belle and ariel cookies

....alice from wonderland and princess jasmine....

jasmine and alice in wonderland cookies

...princess tiana and aurora aka sleeping beauty....(for tiana i didn't have the right color royal icing for skin tone so i used candy melt for her---in hindsight i would have either tinted the royal icing the right color or tried coloring with a food writer....sorry if anyone didn't like the way she came the end these are "experiments" for me to see what works and doesn't work).....

tiana and sleeping beauty cookies

......and snow white and cinderella....

snow white and cinderella cookies

......and you get a bunch of disney princesses all dressed up in gingerbread form....!

....on another side daughter doesn't really know the stories that well....and thats kinda ok by me, because the disney stories are mostly about down and out princesses looking for prince charming to come and save them....but i'm not too worried....hopefully she'll know they are just stories and she'll have better role models in real life versus fairy tales....but for now she's only 4 and thinks they are if she likes princesses, here they are in cookie form...!

disney princess gingerbread cookies

....and i am loving all the holiday posts out there in the major easy to just click around for hours checking out posts....too bad i have a full time job....because this is much more fun!....thanks for checking and in have a great week!!!....


  1. Okay we are HUGE Disney Princess fans! These are awesome! I hope one day I am brave enough to tackle something like this for my daughter! My 3 year old just looked at your cookies and named each one without you are AWESOME!!! You have to share these at my party come Wednesday!

  2. Love that you gave the girls equal time:) These are fantasic, Michelle!

  3. I love these! My 17yo daughter was with me when I popped over and we both exclaimed, "awwww" when we saw these cute cookies! Fun idea!

  4. These are all so very cute...and look like fun to make! Happy holidays! ♥

  5. Those are totally adorable. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite. Although they look like a lot of work, it's easy to see why your daughter loves them.

    Thank you for sharing these to my gingerbread party, and so sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

  6. My two girls are begging me to create the Disney princess gingerbread cookies........

  7. How adorable! I never would have thought to pipe candy melts onto gingerbread cookies. Thanks for the tip! (P.S. - Our little one definitely started gravitating toward the girly stuff without extra pushing; though we have no problem reinforcing traditional gender roles!)

  8. These are awesome! I love how Ariel turned out the best.

  9. Congrats! These awesome Princesses are featured at Mrs Foxs Sweet Party right now!

  10. These are so darn cute I can't even tell you! What an amazing job you have done! Totally rocked the Ginger-princesses!!!

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