Sugar Swings! Serve Some: 2011 meme cupcakes....!

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 meme cupcakes....! i was originally going to do the best news stories of 2011 for an end of year post....

....but really who wants to see a trio of bin laden, kim jong-il, and gaddafi death cuppie toppers, followed by a penn state scandal in cupcake form?...ummmm no one! decided to go a slightly different route....and besides meme's are fun anyways....lots showed up over the year and if you are pinterest addict like me, you have probably seen a bunch of meme variations posted too....and in case you aren't familar with memes....a meme is (according to the all-knowing wikipedia) "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture"'s usually something funny and people spread it as is or modify it to try to give it their media is a must for memes!

.....these are a bunch of my favs from 2011....

...planking!....(get it??....he's planking the cupcake....!!!) "planking"---hilarious!...don't know if some are photoshopped or not but funny either know a meme is popular when it shows up in an office episode (btw-one of the best office scenes!)..and previous plankers are probably now tebowing...!

....occupy wall street...which i'm sure most people know or have heard of.....the groups in NYC and other cities protesting socioeconomic differences of the "99%" versus "1%'s"...lots of random funny occupy wallstreet signs out there poking some fun about how many have alot of free time and ipads or the pepper spraying cop ....(..the cupcake topper is made with a graham cracker...just written on with some edible food writer...makes a cool sign right?!)....

....60's spiderman!!....random pics of spiderman from the old cartoon with captions....hilarity funny because the artists of the time did put him in some unusual positions or predictaments!

....nope! chuck testa....ok i'll admit i had to look this one up....but it's a good one...a dude out in cali did a commercial for his taxidermy business...once peeps in the world got wind of this they took his tag line and added it to lots of other pics...(cupcake is a reindeer peep and a candy melt sign!)

....clean ALL the things....or X all the Y!..... cartoon to motivate taking on all the mudane things to do...which morphed into lots of other things or modifications of the cartoon....


...nyan cat---a pixelated cat made of pop tart and rainbow shooting from it....yeah it's a meme kinda like the first meme i remember the peanut better jelly time banana or like badger badger badger where the formula is a bad cartoon and a repeating song verse, that's a bit annoying but catchy....i like nyan cat because it satisfies the rainbow cute loving thing side of me...and to top it off she's made out of a pop tart! (the cupcake topper is also made out of mini pop tarts (or crips) and candy melt....yes i especially made a trip to the store to find these little gems...)

...and you get some 2011 meme's in edible cupcake form...!

....anyway i think that's it for me for 2011....this has been a great year and i can't wait for 2012 and all that it brings....thank you to everyone of you that reads the blog...this started as a fluke and i enjoy it more than i thought i ever would...and i've said it before but it's much cheaper than therapy!....have an awesome new years and "see" you in 2012!

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  1. I just recently learned what a meme was:) Good job on the cupcakes! Happy New Year!

  2. Very awesome and creative thanks for sharing! Good luck for next year & I hope to come back here again :)


  3. These are super creative, wow!!!
    Happy New YEAR!

  4. I love it! These are pretty cool because they are unusual as well as educational!
    I've always wondered what a meme really was!
    Thank you for the explanation!

    What are the letters on the Spiderman cupcake about?
    If you can answer me, please comment over on my blog so I see your reply. I sometimes miss responses to blog post questions!

  5. I saw these when Cupcakes Take The Cake had them, and never got by to comment. How fun!
    Thanks for joining us on Cupcake Tuesday!


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