Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Fruit (Fig & Strawberry) Halloween Monster Pops

Friday, October 7, 2016

Fruit (Fig & Strawberry) Halloween Monster Pops

I'm adding to all the fun monster themed foods that will be showing up from now until Halloween!

How about some fruit pops. Meaning fruit on sticks!  

I've been on a fig kick lately.  I know that most people (KIDS) don't gravitate toward figs but I'm trying because I love them.  Aside from a fig newton my kiddos haven't really ever had fresh figs. Let's be honest they don't always look so yummy.  You don't peel them and you have to get past eating the skin.  And inside, they actually did remind me of a monster face.  Hence the monster pops. 

But how fun do these guys look??!  

Add some spooky eyes and a little melted candy and you've got a simple sweet treat.

I did also use strawberries too as I knew they would eat these guys.

You can find fresh figs so much easier now in grocery stores or you may find other varieties at your local farmer's market.

My favs are the black mission but I love the kadota too. 

They don't store for long so make them the day you plan to eat them.  They are so quick to put together so that's easy to do.

Create your own gang of fruit monster pops this Halloween 

AND they'd also be great as an after school healthy treat! 

My kids did try them but still preferred the strawberry pops - but it was at least a first step!

Thanks for stopping by and have great weekend!

Fig and Strawberry Monster Pops
  • 6 strawberries; 6 figs 
  • candy coated chocolate candy (like m and m's)
  • candy eyes
  • 1/2 cup vanilla/orange candy melts/wafers
  • 24 pop sticks or straws
  1. Wash and dry fruit.  Cut each into 1/2 lengthwise (as in photos)
  2. Insert pop stick into bottom of fruit 
  3. Melt candy wafers in quart sized freezer bag in 15 second intervals in microwave.  Snip an end and add some candy to pop stick to adhere to fruit.
  4. Attach candy eyes with melted candy.
  5. Add more detail with melted candy.  Let harden 10 minutes.
  6. Serve the day the pops are made.
Prep time: 15Yield: 24 monster pops


  1. You are so clever! These fruit pops are really cool.

    1. thanks Beth! Kids went for the strawberry but no go on the figs :(

  2. Es una idea maravillosa para disfrutar de la fruta de una manera terrorífica en el próximo Halloween, enhorabuena por esta deliciosa receta!!
    Feliz fin de semana!!


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