Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Summer in December "Sandmen"

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Summer in December "Sandmen"

We are experiencing some really mild temperatures in Jersey right now.  So mild that on many of us ate outside for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a little bizarre but it sure was nice.  That said it kinda doesn't feel like December should be starting this week here.

So I thought I'd share a treat with you to welcome in December with sandmen instead of snowmen!

They were very simple to make with some toasted coconut marshmallows.  The toasted coconut reminded me of sand so "sandmen" had to be made.  

Just stack them and "glue" them together with some melted chocolate.  If you want them to stand up, attach them to pieces of graham cracker (used as a base).  

The rest of the details are:
  1. Noses are candy coated orange sunflower seeds (attach with melted chocolate)
  2. Eyes/mouth are black sprinkles (attach with melted chocolate)
  3. Scarves are various flavored Tootsie rolls (microwave for 5 seconds then roll out and cut into scarf shape, snip ends with cooking shears)  
  4. Beach balls are made from a vanilla Tootsie roll (microwave for 5 seconds and roll into balls, and color with edible food writers)
  5. Beach hats are made from potato chips and vanilla tootsie roll (microwave for 5 seconds and roll into top of hat shape, use little more melted chocolate to keep it together)

 My favorite are the beach hats! They really make the "sandman".

Eat them as a fun snack as is or you can add to cupcakes as fun toppers.

Happy almost December! Only 3 weekends until the Christmas holiday!

Stop by starting next weekend on the 6th as I'll be doing a #12daysofStarWars countdown.  The new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens opens this month on the 18th and to celebrate I'll be sharing a Star Wars treat everyday until then!  Many are new treats but I'll be sharing my favorites over the years too.  

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  1. These sandmen are hilarious. They'd be perfect for everyone who live in warmer climates too. Eating outside on Thanksgiving sounds nice, but a bit strange. It's been rather warm here too and I agree that it's hard to imagine December arrives tomorrow. It will be snowing before we know it.

  2. Thanks Beth! Hard to get into the holiday spirit when it's warm! And you're right they fit in with any of the warm weather areas too'!


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