Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Big Hero 6 Baymax Vanilla Fudge

Friday, June 12, 2015

Big Hero 6 Baymax Vanilla Fudge

I made Baymax fudge.  I don't mean I made fudge out of Baymax 'cause that would be kinda gross. But I made Baymax shaped vanilla fudge!  And you guys know who Baymax is right?? Well I hope so - but just in case he's from Disney's Big Hero 6 movie - the lovable inflatable robot.  I also made Baymax vanilla macarons awhile back too.  

I kinda have a thing for him.  He is a personal healthcare assistant and all.  Good qualities - reliable, loyal, and he can fix you.  What's not to love? I think I need a personal robot.  

And what's not to love about him in fudge form?? He's super easy too. Only a couple ingredients.  

See all the details here at sheknows!

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