Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Rainbow Candy Cane Topped Sugar Cookie Cake and Cake Bites

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rainbow Candy Cane Topped Sugar Cookie Cake and Cake Bites

Hello 2015!! Did you have an awesome New Years?? We had a great time away this year on a ski/snowboard vacation up in Maine.  My twins are now 7 and my oldest kiddo is 10 so trips are very much easier now then when they were younger when eating, sleeping, and pooping consumed pretty much everything. We are trying to enjoy every second with them before they don't want to hang out with us all the time.  I still take a moment when they call me mommy - it's so rare these days.   Mostly they yell "MOM" at the top of their lungs because they need or misplaced something, so being called mommy is a little present to me these days.  

And speaking of little presents, here's another little one for you all.  A sugar cookie cake topped with lots of crushed candy canes!  You know how you are always left with a boatload of candy canes after the holiday season? Well use them up in some fun treats.

Top a sugar cookie cake with homemade vanilla buttercream frosting and a rainbow of candy cane colors.

See the How To over at SheKnows here!


If you have leftover crushed candy canes (like I did!) you can coat some cake bites with them.

These are super easy because its just the cake bite/ball mixture (I used chocolate cake for this) rolled into balls then coated in the crushed candy canes.  No dipping in candy melting wafers.  Well you could, but that's my least favorite part of making cake bites so I skipped that step.  The candy cane was plenty to give it a little crunch and additional texture.

Happy 2015 to you all, thanks for swinging by and can't wait to see what the new year brings!


  1. Oh yum! This looks wonderful. We have a ton of left over candy canes too. I hate that. But I'd eat them if they were sprinkled all over a giant cookie cake!

    Glad your New Year's was a fun one! Can't wait to see what you create in 2015!

    1. It was tasty and all the different flavors/colors worked great! Happy new year Erin!!

  2. what a happy dessert! love all the colors Michelle:>D

    1. Thanks Lisa! I love anything with rainbow colors!


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