Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Cereal Snowmen made from Mini Wheats & Marshmallow Trees

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cereal Snowmen made from Mini Wheats & Marshmallow Trees

Happy New Year Peeps! Hard to believe it's now 2015, but I can tell its definitely Winter.   How? Well because it's SO.COLD.OUTSIDE!  Commuting into NYC in this weather is not so fun.  It's that painful cold where you can't move your fingers in a few minutes.  I think I'm gonna officially start my countdown to Spring - 67 days!

But in the meantime I made some snowmen.  A little army of snowmen made from cereal.  Mini Wheat cereal to be more specific and as if mini was not small enough the fun folks at Kelloggs made Little Bites Mini Wheats that are half the size of Mini Wheats! They made mini minis!  Thank you Kelloggs people.  

OK I know they might look a little like penguins, so feel free to call them Snow Penguins.
You guys know anything mini works for me so I had to scoop up a box.

The snowmen are made by "gluing" the mini wheats together with some melted vanilla chips/melting wafers.  To get them to stand, add a blob of melted candy to parchment paper and while still wet, add the snowman.  Once the candy hardens they will be sturdy and stand on their own. 

Their scarves are made from fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls.  To make them, microwave a Tootsie Roll for 5 seconds (to make it flexible) then roll candy flat.  With a knife or pizza cutter, cut out strips for the scarves.  Trim the ends to make it look more scarf-like!

Noses are a candy coated sunflower seed.  I use Sunny Seeds because they are so tasty!  Snowman eyes and buttons are different sized black sprinkles.  I also added little marshmallow trees for some extra wintery scenery.  They are just made by stacking star shaped marshmallows on top of each other and adding a yellow star sprinkle (also glued with melted vanilla candy wafers).

Enjoy them on their own or add them to cupcakes! Hopefully they make enduring this bitter cold a little bit easier.

Again happy happy New Year and have an awesome week!


  1. So cute. I love snacking on Mini Wheats cereal. I haven't in a long time, though. I might need to go get myself a box! Your snowman are adorable.

    1. thanks Beth, the frosted part on them reminded me of snow! they are yummy :)


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