Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Back to School Graham Cracker Snacks - and Other Lego Themed Ideas PLUS Giveaway

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School Graham Cracker Snacks - and Other Lego Themed Ideas PLUS Giveaway

Hey Everyone! So it's that time of year again when I constantly ask "Where the heck did the summer go!" I woke up today and it's even a little chilly outside.  Did you ever think you'd be longing for the hot and humid days of summer? It feels like we hardly had any and I most def am wishing for more summer.

And it's amazing that in my FB feed, there are so many 1st day of school pics already.  My 3 kiddos don't start until September after Labor Day, but that's really only a couple weeks away.  Please time, please SLOW DOWN! 

OK time won't slow down, I get it, that's fine - so in protest I'm celebrating every single day with treats.  Well maybe not every single day, because I have a day job and all, but how about something to get the kiddos excited for school? And if Lego won't get them excited (at least if they are like my kids), then I don't know what will.  Make some edible Lego inspired back to school snacks - all you need is some chocolate candy wafers and graham crackers.  

Directions for assembly are easy:
  1. Make your candy minifigs (see tutorial here)
  2. Open a pack of graham crackers and break into squares
  3. Using more melted chocolate, attach minifig to graham cracker
  4. Using more candy melt, write phrase on squares (put candy melt into zip lock bag, microwave until melted well, snip an end of the zip lock bag and pipe)
  5. Add a contrasting color candy melt around the border of the graham cracker (just to neaten them up, not needed of course!)
  6. Add heart sprinkle onto lego minifig

All you really need are some fun molds.  Like this one:

Or this one:

Or maybe this one:

Or how about a pack of all 3?

I know, you totally want these right? Well guess what? You can enter to win a pack of all 3 of these molds in my "Summer's Not Over Yet" Giveaway.  Enter to win a box of these fun mold/ice cube trays thanks to a new friend over at Amazon.  Actually we're giving away 1 box to 3 readers!!! WOO!!! You can see the molds/ice cube trays over at this Amazon listing. 

To Enter the Giveaway: 

There will be 3 winners of the giveaway picked via Rafflecopter.  Open to US residents only.  Giveaway ends August 23rd 12 AM EST.


Here are some other fun treat ideas to use the molds for.  Use your imagination!

A tutorial on making the candy mini figures using a silicone mold:

Chocolate Covered Lego Minifig Cake Bites (using the larger minifig mold)

Or just use them to make some fun chocolates to snack on! Use your favorite chocolate or add some sprinkles to leftover melted chocolate/candy melt to the molds and you've got some really easy and super fun snacks.

And of course the Back to School Graham Cracker Treats

"Nice try mom!"

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