Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Maleficent Movie Cupcakes

Monday, June 2, 2014

Maleficent Movie Cupcakes

Wow it's been awhile since I made cupcakes - I think I may have gone into a little withdrawal! And what better reason to make cupcakes than the new Disney Maleficent movie that opened this past weekend.  I've not been able to see it yet but the the trailer and previews look great.  Like Lord of the Rings meets Disney Princesses.

I'm staying away from the movie reviews too.  The couple that showed up in my FB feed didn't look promising.  But I'm going to stay optimistic for the arch Disney Villain from Sleeping Beauty - The Mistress of All Evil.

For these cupcakes, I went with the look from the books - not necessarily the Angelina Jolie all black look.  The cupcakes are vanilla tinted green with some black swirls.

And her horns (or is that a hat??) are made from these, Cinnamon Churros snacks!

I was on the prowl for some Bugle snacks for the horns, but of course I could not locate them in any store within a 15 mile radius of my house.  Go figure.  So I had to make do and trimmed the churros for the horn look and then dipped them in black candy melt.  The churros are actually a much better combination with the candy melts.

The icing is very light green and purple swirled frosting.  The swirled look is done by adding each color to a piping bag, then adding those 2 bags to a third bag.  Simple and it works great!

I made some mini maleficents too.

And if you fast forward past the summer and pretend it's Halloween, they also could pass for some some crazy bat or Bride of Frankenstein cupcakes - but for today's purposes they are Maleficent!

And in the old story, Maleficent's all crazy nuts evil about not being invited to a Royal Christening.  Good thing she's not around today because she'd have to deal with all the other fairies FB photos showing all the stuff she wasn't invited to.  She would be all up in the comments "Now you shall really deal with me @PrincePhillip and all the powers of Hell!" She might actually do better in Westeros playing the Game of Thrones.  She's got the dragon and everything.  (Side bar: for GoT fans, did you see last episode "The Mountain and the Viper"?? Holy. Cow.  This show never disappoints.  Kudos HBO.)

Have an absolutely awesome week and if you saw the Maleficent movie, then let me know - thumbs up or down?!

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