Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Rainbow Inside Shamrock Cookies

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rainbow Inside Shamrock Cookies

So I made some chocolate covered "shamrock" cookies for St. Patty's Day.  And sorry, I know I just did rainbow cupcakes tinted with all natural colors last week, but I can't help it.  There is just something about having multi colored anything that makes me smile and forces me to make more and more rainbow treats.

And rainbows inside the cookies - heck yes!! 

Surprisingly, I don't actually have a shamrock shaped cookie cutter.  But I figured hearts would work work ok for this.

To speed this up I started these with a boxed sugar cookie mix.  
  1. Divide into separate cookie dough balls (as many colors as you want in your rainbow)
  2. Tint with your fav food gel colors
  3. Roll each color out to about 1/8 inch thickness and stack one on top of each other
  4. Cut slices off and then roll that into about the size of your cookie cutter (too big or too small and you won't see some of the colors of your dough)
  5. Bake - these are mini cookies (only about 1 inch in size) so they baked only about 5 minutes @ 350 degrees
  6. Once cookies are cooled, dip into good dark chocolate 
  7. Decorate or drizzle with your favorite sprinkles or go for multi color candy melt drizzles

The little mini rainbow cookies are super cute on their own, and would have worked just fine this way, but I wanted to try for the rainbow surprise inside look.

I did make a few larger cookies to, so you can see the rainbows even better! 

Arrange 4 of each heart together and you get your "shamrock" cookies! OK they are really 4-Leaf Clovers, but you get the point!

Do you love rainbows too? What's your favorite rainbow treat to make or eat? And it's finally warming up in the northeast (woohoo!!) so it's time for some spring treats soon!  Thanks so much for coming by, have an awesome awesome (awesome) week! 

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  1. These are so cute! I'm all over cookies dipped in chocolate =o)

    1. Thanks Erin! Pretty much anything dipped in chocolate works in my book!

  2. aw Michelle, theses are really lovely, but they're not Shamrocks!! Shamrocks have 3 leaves! What you made is a 4-leaf clover, for luck. Also, no-one in Ireland calls the 17th March 'Saint Patty's Day'!!! Paddy, Patrick or Pat but NEVER Patty!!! Sorry!!!!

    1. oh thanks for the info, I've been calling it the wrong thing for a long time then! Oops! And you are right, I realize they are 4 leaf clovers, but I did do some shamrocks too, just failed to get those pics :)

    2. lol - thanks for taking time to reply - much appreciated!! xx
      When mistakes are made with the best of intentions ( & with lovely results) its not so bad!! xxx
      Sorry if I sounded like an Aule Banshee! xx

  3. Michelle,
    These are so adorable! I made a set of St. Patrick's Day cookies, and I thought that there was no way I could make them more "rainbow". But I was wrong! I could make the rainbow on the inside! Ha. Love these!


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