Sugar Swings! Serve Some: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Painted Flower Cookies

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Painted Flower Cookies

So if you're a big Hunger Games fan, these cookies are for you.  They are for the release of the 2nd book Catching Fire, in movie form, which will be out in theaters on November 22nd!

I finally read the books last year AFTER the 1st movie came out and I kept seeing all the "Team Peeta" and "Team Gale" memes.  I had to see what all the hullabaloo was about.  Well the books are great and a super fast read so you can even catch up by the time the 2nd movie is released of you're motivated.

One of the themes in the books are flowers.  I mean people are named after flowers in the books and flowers keep showing up here and there in meaningful ways.   And one of the main characters is Peeta Mellark.  He's baker and his super power is being an expert froster - as in cakes and cookies (for reals a frosting expert, read the book!).  So you might be able to guess which team I'd be on!

These cookies were inspired by one of the chapters in Catching Fire, where President Snow and Katniss sit down for a heart to heart and are served some of Peeta's frosted cookies.  So I thought what better way to celebrate the new movie then with some iced cookies with painted/decorated flowers from the book?!

As a disclaimer, I'm in no way, shape, or form an expert cookie decorator.  There are super cookie makers and decorators out there that do an enormously better job like Haniela's, ArtyMcgoo, Baked at 350, The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, Sweetopia, The Decorated Cookie, just to name a few.  But I attempted some painting on cookies for the first time.  These are cut out gingerbread cookies from a mix then iced with royal icing.  One iced let them sit out overnite to make sure royal icing is totally dried.

Painting was done with food coloring gels mixed with a couple of drops of lemon extract and paint brushed on.  I think you could use any extract or some use vodka, which evaporates after you paint it on.  I painted the flowers free hand from looking at pictures on google.  Since the painted flowers didn't look just right to me, I also added some detail with candy melt in various colors.  It also gave the flowers some depth and dimension, since I couldn't do that with just the painting.

All the flowers are from The Hunger Games books (I hope these are not spoilers but if you haven't read the books and plan to, maybe skip this section!):

Top Row:
Buttercup - the name of the Everdeen's family cat
Nightlock - the berries Katniss and Peeta almost ate to end the first Hunger Games
Dandelion - the flowers that inspired Katniss to hunt and gather to feed her family

Middle Row:
Tiger Lilly - the frosted cookie served to President Snow when he came to visit Katniss at home
Primrose - Katniss's sister and who she volunteered for as tribute
White Rose - the flower President Snow wears and smells of all the time

Bottom Row:
Wildflowers - the flowers Katniss layed on Rue during the first Hunger Games
Katniss - the main character named for a tuber plant found in water with an edible root
Rue - the tribute from District 7 that reminds Katniss of her sister Prim

The books say President Snow smells of roses and blood.  He always wears a white rose, but why the blood smell?? You'll have to read the books!

And if you are not really into The Hunger Games book series, I hope you at least like the flower cookies!  Just don't look too closely at the detail since it's not really even close to how flowers really grow.  But they will do, and of course frosted gingerbread cookies are always tasty and are helping me to ease into the holiday season.

Are you going to go see Catching Fire?? I hope it's as good as the book!

Have an awesome week and may the odds ever be in your favor!


  1. Oh gosh! I love these!! The books are some of my favorites and we've been anxiously awaiting the premiere of the next movie! (just one more week). You did a fantastic job!

    1. I know I just re read the book as a reminder of what's coming! thank you for stopping by!

  2. I'm probably one of the few people who haven't read the book or seen the movies, but your cookies are beautiful! I've never thought of using candy melts to add dimension to my cookies. May have to give that a try. Great work!

  3. wow! these are wonderful! would love to have a dozen of these when i see part 2. i have a feeling i'll be freaking out due to the violence so i will need these cookies to calm me down. LOL :>D

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