Sugar Swings! Serve Some: mini candy and cookie turkey pops....!

Friday, November 9, 2012

mini candy and cookie turkey pops....!

so i'm back!!!! i'm in jersey and as most everyone knows, hurricane sandy really did a number out here when she passed through the last week of october....we were out of power for 11 days and many are still without power in the area even now....but i have to say with with 3 kiddos that seemed like forever...

...and without power and cable....there was no way to post! think i may have gone into a little blogger withdrawal over the past few days...

these little turkey pops were made before sandy came along....and for awhile there i didn't even think i'd get to post these before thanksgiving!

...but here they are and luckily they are super simple to throw together....use your leftover halloween candy corn, mini nilla wafers (which are leftover from these chocolate acorns), some melted chocolate or candy wafers, and some candy coated sunflower seeds...

  1. add some melted candy or chocolate in between the 2 nilla wafters (which by the way makes some really cute mini sandwich cookies too!)
  2. add sandwich cookie to a stick and let harden
  3. add some melted candy/chocolate to the top of the cookie and add the candy corn around the top (i just happen to have candy corn an a bunch of different flavors so was able to have a bunch of turkeys with colorful feathers!)
  4. attach a sunflower seed "beak" with some more melted candy
  5. add eyes with an edible food writer and that's it!

....and you get some really super simple and kinda cute turkey pops, that even the kiddos can make by themselves...i'm still not sure about turkey's being i've attempted them a few times (like here, here, and here!) and they always come out looking a little cute but a little bit creepy at the same time....

also if you're interested in re-visiting my last 11 days, i was able to post pics to my instagram and FB whenever i was able to scrounge up some charge on the iPhone....

...the nite Sandy made landfall was pretty rough....we lost power on a 10/29 and we all slept together in one room....

woke up to a huge tree down in the back yard
and our main power/cable/phone line down off the house                     
....reports from the town and power company were not good and it was estimated that it would take 7-10 days to restore power....

Vader kept us company for a couple days as he was the only battery operated radio we had!
...for awhile we didn't know how bad some places of nj and ny were hit since we couldn't watch any news....but as we were able to charge our phones at random places we talked to others and started seeing how badly the nj shore and parts of ny were so badly of the coastline will never look the same, and some families lost everything.... power was not coming back anytime soon....the kids and i got out of dodge and stayed with my sister for most of the first week outside of philly (thanks Aunt Ang!)

the kids definitely kept themselves busy although they may be in school til Aug!
....and we kept hearing from the power company that our power would be back soon so this past monday we came back up to north jersey, but still no power and gas lines were pretty long since some gas stations still had no power and there was a lot of demand for gas for cars and for generators (you could hear the generator hum all the time outside)...and there were forecasts for a nor'easter as well....

although it was taking a long time...the power companies were definitely working very hard since the our case a transformer blew during the storm and was leaking oil...we had heard that a hazmat team needed to be assembled before attempting to fix it, delaying repair of the circuit our house was on even longer....

Guys from JCP&L working late and during THE SNOW STORM!
....woke to no power and about 7 inches of snow this past thursday....

no power but lots of snow to deal with---thank you mother nature!
....the power crew worked all day yesterday and by the late afternoon our power was back!

We have power!!! Woohoo! 

...a huge thank you to everyone who has been working non-stop since hurricane the grande scheme of things we are luckily and really just inconvenienced more than anything else (lost all my frozen blog "projects" but no biggie, that kind of stuff can be replaced)...but there are so many people still without power, or that have not been allowed back to their homes, or have literally lost their homes....for those of you that can, please donate to those in need....the Red Cross is probably the easiest and most efficient way to donate to those that need it...

...anyways i missed the you all and the blog and posting some fun things.....hope you like the turkey pops and thanks for stopping by and reading about my last 11 days :)

...have a GREAT week, and i hope it's a boring and normal week for anyone here in the northeast!

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  1. wowza what a CRAZY week Michelle! so glad you are safe and have power again! these turkeys are super CUTE and worth waiting for :) take good care!

    1. thanks so much Lisa, it was indeed crazy, but there are still so many impacted more severely. Glad you liked them and think they are "cute" versus creepy!

  2. geez, that is a lot going on. Prayers with everyone out there that is for sure ....your posts always make me smile. These turkey pops will be made here this year - you can count on that!! LOVE THEM

    1. Thanks Trish! that's so sweet of you, and they are so easy to make, really super simple!

  3. Wow! So glad everyone there is okay. That's a long time without power when you have kids. Man. I might have gone crazy! You little turkey pops are adorable! How did you get so many cool colored candy corn? Love them!

  4. such a cute idea Michelle - and glad you got your power back!! I can't imagine going that long!

    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up
    Have a great rest of the weekend

  5. We missed you too, Michelle! I am so glad you are all safe and didn't get harmed from the tree, etc...! Welcome back!
    Your mini turkey pops are just too cute!

  6. These are so cute! Glad to hear that your power is back on!:)

  7. So glad your power is back! And these are so adorable, simple and easy! I need to make some!

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  9. Hi! You linked up to Spark on my blog and I loved your idea so I featured it! You can hop on over to grab an "I've Been Featured" button and see the post it's featured in here:

    Hope to see you again at the next party!


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