Sugar Swings! Serve Some: durian and mangosteen fruit cupcakes.....!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

durian and mangosteen fruit cupcakes.....! i recently went to bangkok, thailand for my day job! and after just getting though hurricane sandy, a trip to thailand was a complete 180 for me since it was a hot and balmy 95 degrees when i got off the plane...!

since it was a work trip, i didn't have a ton of time to explore this neat city as i would have liked if it was a regular vacation....but i did explore a bit in the pockets of time i had.....i found these neat durian and mangosteen "puffs" at a store and since i couldn't bring home real durian and mangosteen i figured these would be the best next thing....

durian (the king of fruits in thailand) is a common fruit there and has a creamy fruit inside with a spiky outside---some say its smell is unbearable and has been described as rotting onions to gym socks...really it's not too bad, you do get an onion-y flavor and these puffs also have that mild flavor/smell....

mangosteen (the queen of fruits in thailand) is really very floral in taste and smell, it kinda reminds me of rose but not exactly....a great tropical fruit flavor overall...

the puffs are crunchy and delicate like a rolled up wafer cookie so i decided to crush them up and add it to some buttercream icing to give a mild durian or mangosteen flavor as a filling to these cupcakes....

then just filled some vanilla cupcakes with some of the filling and added a "puff" on top since i thought they were so pretty by themselves...

and here are some of the pics i was able to take while in bangkok (anyone on my instagram may have seen these already!)

me at the grand palace where the kings of siam (now thailand) used to live
the detail on the buildings was amazeballs!

also at the grand palace where they host formal events
traditional dancer on a river cruise
and of course i snapped some shots of the treats there!

i think this is seaweed
cupcakes at a mall
durian fruit being sold on the street
real pad thai!
thai rice pudding with pandan, corn, and spring onions!
coconut jelly sweet 
found some macarons to bring home too!

...and you get some cupcakes filled with some traditional fruits of thailand...the flavor was very mild so went great with some plain vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream....since i probably won't be vacationing in thailand anytime soon, it was so great to visit this time and get to experience some of the culture and food, and bring home a little to share with you all....

Khob Kun Ka (thank you!) for visiting and hope you like this take on the king and queen of fruit of thailand! 


  1. Love those cupcakes. I thought they were a fruit roll up thing at first. They sound yummy!
    Kinda jealous of your trip, but I bet the LOOOOONG flight back and forth are horrible!

  2. These are gorgeous cupcakes - very unique looking
    Seem super delicious too.
    I wish I could taste one (or two)


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