Sugar Swings! Serve Some: a star wars party......!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a star wars party......!

star wars cupcake tower my oldest turned 7 this summer and i'm finally gettin' around to posting all the fun we had at his star wars party....all the details on the star wars character cupcake tower and death star cake are here......

...but we also had a bunch of other star wars treats for the kiddos.....(thanks to justjenn for some great ideas!).....

....gatorade aka jabba juice....and bantha blue milk (milk with a couple drops of blue food coloring....unfortunately i think only a few select adults got this obscure reference but it's one of my favs!).....

....rice crackers made into vader's death stars with some edible food bought chocolate chip wookie cookies....and cheddar cheese rice crackers aka ewok munch..... bought mint meringues aka cloud city meringues....

 ....and han solo in orange "jello-nite".....which is just a pic of han solo printed and cut out, covered in scotch tape then inserted into the jello before it was totally jelled....(big hit with the kids!)

....oh and also i did a little comparison for ya....i have 3 kinds of edible food writers.....americolor, wilton foodwriter, magic the pic above you can see how they did on the rice crackers....although i the wilton candy melts....i have to say their foodwriter is the worst and they don't do well when writing on candy melt when i've tried them for other projects....the magic colours gives a finer detail and point but it's not as dark as i'd like it to be....americolor is my gives a thicker line....and it's much darker than the others and lasts longer before having to give the writer a "rest"....and they work really well on candy melt too....i used them here for all the detail on the peep trooper pops.....

....can't resist sharing some pics of the kiddos in their star wars garb....we even made light sabers made from pool!

.....and a death star piñata (btw making a piñata sounds much easier than it actually is!...)

....and we were able to re-use the costumes for this halloween....!

....happy thursday to all....hope everyone in the nj/ny/ct area are doing ok post october storm....this was a pretty bad one..much worse than hurricane irene...lots of downed power lines, massive tree damage and huge limbs down (there were way too many leaves still on the trees and the weight of the wet heavy snow was too much and lots of limbs came down all over the area causing lots of damage and power outages)...the kiddos have been out of school all week and used up all their snow days already.....i guess it could be worse and luckily we have power and no damage to the house....some are not as lucky around thankful for what you have as we enter november...!


  1. Awesome party!! I loved the hans solo in jello and cloud city meringues. So many cute ideas!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fabulous Star Wars party! I'm glad your sweet family is safe! Take Care:)

  3. What a fun party! I will have to save this in case my son decides on this theme for upcoming years!

  4. I featured this post today on my blog!

  5. What fun ideas! We have had a Star Wars party before, would have loved to used some of your ideas! I will keep them in mind. I have three boys. I'm sure it won't be our last Star Wars party!!

  6. My brother in law would flip his lid for this! He loves Star Wars!! How creative!

  7. Looks like an awesome party - I LOVE that you all dressed up! We did the pool noodle light sabers and death star pinata at our party too {although I wasn't brave enough to make my own!} What a fabulous cake! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog!
    Jenn :)


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