Sugar Swings! Serve Some: kid art sugar cookies....!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

kid art sugar cookies....!

kid art cookies i don't do a ton of decorated cookies...well because i'm not really all that good at them.....but i love love love these....

....because they're not really done by's my kiddos' recent artwork....! know all those pics that you keep because it's really cool and you don't have the heart to toss you keep piles and piles of drawings and other artwork that they do...and the stacks then seem take up your entire spare room after awhile.....

kid artwork

....well as an alternative.....decided to create some edible pieces of their recent drawings....and since i'm blogging about keeps it forever (the internet is forever, right?).....these are made from candy melt....just add whatever colors you need to a zip lock baggie....snip a small part of one of the ends and trace the art over a some parchment paper (wax paper works as well)......if you need to layer colors....just wait til the first layer dries before adding color on can find more detailed directions here....(i do this all the time!)

kid artwork in candy

....and let dry.....

kid artwork in candy

....then add on top of some iced sugar cookies (i did this the easy way and used a boxed sugar cookie mix --use the rolled cookie directions.....roll out dough and cut cookies large enough to fit the artwork.....)....frost with your fav sugar cookie icing....then add the candy melt image on top before totally dry.....

...these are my 7 year old's ninjas.....!

ninja cookies

.....and because he thinks his big bro is the bomb.....these are my 4 year old's ninjas.....!

kid art cookies

....and my other 4 year old's impressionist art....!

kid artwork cookies

....AND we recently had our 16th....yes 16th anniversary....AND this is the card we got....! very cool... i had to make it as a topper for our anniversary cake.....(a tiramisu layer cake which was pretty awesome....!)

kid art cake


tiramisu layer cake

....and you get some really really really...really cool sugar cookies topped with your kiddos favorite artwork....

kid art sugar cookies

.....btw---these were definitely a huge hit with the kids.....!...and so fun...! always, thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week....!

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  1. What a fun project with kids! I bet they were really excited to see them edible.

  2. What recipe is the Tiramisu Layer Cake? Tiramisu is my favorite dessert!

  3. my GOSH this rocks!!!!! you should submit this to edible crafts on craft gossip.

  4. I agree with Trish -they rock! What a great idea. I would love for you to come share this at my link party!

    Hope to see you there!


  5. This is so priceless and precious! I love this idea! Your cake looks yummy too:)

  6. thanks everyone! Rose, I linked the recipe above for the tiramisu layer cake that I used. :)


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