Sugar Swings! Serve Some: graham cracker sandwiches....!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

graham cracker sandwiches....!

graham cracker sandwiches

....these are so ridiculously simple that they hardly need a post....but they came out why not?'ll need:
  • frosting (i had a little bit of left over frosting from these cupcakes and hate to waste perfectly good homemade buttercream!)
  • graham crackers
....slather some frosting in between graham crackers....and are done....

graham cracker snacks

....and don't worry if the graham crackers break....just make mini sandwiches.....they are so cute and the kids loved them....i kept them in the fridge so the icing didn't squish all out when you bite them (well for the little bitty ones, that's not a problem since you can just pop them in your mouth)....


....and you get some super simple graham cracker sandwich snacks....i love using up stuff without wasting it...this is a recycled treat....and so is this.....and i know it's just frosting, but there's a lot of love that goes into making it...!


  1. these look good! similar to some i made a few weeks ago :)

  2. My mom used to do that for us when we were kids, totally awesome :)


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