Sugar Swings! Serve Some: death star cake and star wars cupcake tower....!

Monday, August 15, 2011

death star cake and star wars cupcake tower....!

star wars cupcake tower my oldest turns 7 this month....!...i'm not sure how that's possible as it seems like he was just a tiny little thing not so long ago.....
...i've been making his cakes since he turned one......and he's definitely a huge star wars fan (probably because we have a 40+ year old star wars freak in the house too) the request this year was for a star wars cake....originally it was for a 3-D standing jango fett cake.....needless to say i quickly talked him down from that....because some 3-D cakes are not my friend....but a death star "ball" i can handle.... i've been meaning to do some star wars characters for awhile now.....and there are so many to choose from that it's fun to try doing them in edible form....(note: some turn out better than others!!)...

...the toppers are made from candy melts/wafers....same technique as i always use....print out some images (i got mine from mighty muggs since they are all about the same size and cartoon like so it was easier to do them in the candy melt this way (if anyone needs just the heads in a word doc, email me as i have this and can share it) all the detail first (stock up in black candy melt at halloween time as it comes in super handy....if you don't have black, just use dark brown....nobody will really care....well maybe those super star wars freaks like my 41 year old kid :) ...and let the detail dry about 5-10 minutes....

...then fill in with the other main colors....have some toothpicks handy so you can smooth out the candy and get it into any tiny crevices....


...simple enough right....?......

star wars cupcakes's captain rex, boba fett, darth maul, and r2d2.....

star wars cupcakes

.....and yoda, chewbacca, the wampa, and commander cody....

star wars cupcakes

....and luke skywalker, general grievous, lando calrissian (i <3 lando), and c3po (i have found 3po is tough in food form!)....

star wars cupcakes

.....and admiral ackbar (he may be my fav), an imperial guard, princess leia (she is NOT happy!), and a storm trooper.....

star wars cupcakes

.....and darth vader, darth maul (sorry i was in a rush and forgot who i included in the pics already), jango fett, and wicket the ewok.....

star wars cupcakes

.....and luke (again!), han solo, a scout trooper (or maybe a ghost!), and captain rex (again!)....
...the death star is made from the wilton sports ball pan...which i already had....and iced in vanilla buttercream.....

.....and then sprayed with this stuff in silver....
.....there have been some bad reviews of it online....but it worked out great for me.....and saved me a ton of time!...although i'm not sure a can would cover as much as it says it does on the label....or maybe i just used a lot for this project....
.....the detail was done by hand with icing tinted 2 shades of grey.....(arm was killing me the next day....this one seemed to take longer than the brobee cake piping....!)...
....and you get a star wars cupcake tower with a death star top for a pretty awesome 7 year old...!
....happy birthday jack!'re the best kid ever!.....i hope one day you'll look back and read this blog when you're all grown up and know that i love you more and more each's amazing to watch you grow and experience things for the first time and to see what a great person you are and will continue to be....and you are an awesome big bro to your brother and sister! (hopefully all of this won't be new news to you!) you lots....xxoo, mom


  1. Amazing! nothing short of Amazing!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of work! You're a great mum, and I bet he loved his cake.

  3. These are seriously impressive! My Star Wars loving boy was thrilled when we had a whole week of Star Wars themed menus. He would pass out from excitement at those cupcakes!!

    (Here's our Star Wars menu, if you're curious:

  4. Sweet!!! Love the Darth Mal! When my son was little he used to call him 'Dark Malty'-love these!

  5. how long did that take? I can just imagine hours and hours, or maybe I'm just super slow at piping.

  6. This is INSANE! Way to go on this more than awesome project, this is a TON of work!

  7. WOW! That is incredible!! It looks like it took forever!
    Thanks for joining us on Cupcake Tuesday!

  8. thanks everyone! the candy melt characters do take some time...but the good thing about them is you can do them way ahead of time and store them....starting about 2 weeks before the party I did about 4 characters every night for about 5 nights, that way it didn't seem like a ton the night before the party. The death star was done the night before (at least the decorating was)!

  9. These are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for documenting it all with pictures. You must love your son! I wish I had the time and talents to do what you do. This is definitely one of the coolest cupcake towers that I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. WOW! I found this when I did a google search for Wampas and saw your Bumble vs Wampa cupcakes. You are VERY talented!

  11. These are awesome!! I'm starting to plan my little boys Bday and I would love to take you up on your word doc offer. My email is, thanks so much for sharing these awesome pics with us!


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