Sugar Swings! Serve Some: some boozy desserts for cinco de mayo....!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

some boozy desserts for cinco de mayo....!

....some desserty-serts for the grown-ups around here to celebrate the festive 5th of may! it terrible that i don't even really know the history of cinco de mayo?...aside from going to get some great mexican food and beers...? ok according to the all knowing wikipedia....cinco de mayo is a mexican civic holiday commemorating mexico's victory over the french on may 5th, 1862 during the battle of puebla...oh and apparently only really celebrated here in the US as an excuse to get some great mexican food and beers....great back on target then....!

.....first some margarita cupcakes....used a boxed vanilla cake mix but also added a box of this stuff.....

...i just added the jello powder to the dry mix and added an extra egg more than what the box calls for....and to give it a little something something....also injected them with some real margarita (prob about 4 mL) .....not because i wanted to drink a margarita at 1 pm on a saturday or anything....(ps those kiddo medicine syringes come in handy, right?)

....the icing is lime fav vanilla buttercream but with the juice of 2 limes added in place of some of the milk, and the zest of one of the limes mixed in at the very end.....this stuff would make an awesome icing shot...!

....i used a "lime wedge" made from candy melts because i didn't want the tops getting soggy or wet from a real lime wedge.....i've gone over how to make candy melt toppers a gagillion times....but you can find the basics here....

margarita cupcakes

.....and because margarita cupcakes were just not enough also made some.......

beer jello

....i wanted to make them with some dos equis in the spirit of cinco de mayo, but didn't have a chance to pick any it's made with a
birra moretti.........i couldn't really find any beer jello or gelatin recipes (go figure) so i had to wing it.....with:

beer jello
1 cup of beer
2 packets of knox gelatin
1 cup of water
6 packets of splenda (or you can use 1/2 cup of sugar)
icing or cool whip topping
lime garnish

....add the gelatin to cold beer and let sit to thicken....heat 1 cup of water to a boil then remove from heat.....add gelatin/beer mix to hot water and mix with a whisk.....add splenda and mix again.....pour into your cups and refrigerate (i let it sit over night).....once with frosting or cool whip topping (i used the lime buttercream from the cupcakes above) and garnish with a lime slice....very simple!

beer jello

...the cupcakes may have been the best cupcakes i've made to date....the lime/margarita cupcake with the lime buttercream was so very awesome and the injected margarita was not too much and didn't make the cake too soggy either....

...the beer jello tasted like beer jello!....but not overpowering for jello or anything....not my favorite dessert but definitely not terrible either....the 41 year old kid tasted it and said it was ok...but he'd rather just drink a beer vs eat some beer jello...i can't argue with that...!....but it was fun to experiment and it was so simple and took no time at all really.....

...anyway hope everyone has a great cinco de mayo tomorrow---can't wait to get some great mexican food and some real beers...!

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  1. I definitely have to try the beer jello shots! Later I will post my Matgarita Pie recipe on Flickr's Thursty Thurday group!

  2. Your cupcakes are beautiful and I love the way you decorated them! Very creative :) The addition of jello is pretty interesting :)

  3. Those look delish. Very cute.

  4. Oh my, yum. The cupcakes sound fab. I need to try those!! :)

  5. Beer Jello=GENIUS! Love it, can't wait to make it:)

  6. Your cupcakes look amazing! So sorry I missed them for cinco de mayo! Please share your awesome recipe with our readers by linking it up at Muffin (and Cupcake) Monday. Thanks!

  7. Seriously, margarita Jello? I've never seen it, but will be def. keeping my eye out for it! Thanks for sharing. Found you at Alli-n-son.

  8. These look amazing and delicious! I especially love the injection, so clever! :)


  9. I didn't know there was Margarita cool! Cupcakes look great, as always! Love the lime cookie for garnish!
    Thanks for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday!

  10. Okay, this may be the best post I've ever seen in my life. You had me at margarita and sealed the deal with cupcake. I featured you today on my favorite things :)

  11. These are seriously awesome! How cool. I'm totally bookmarking this for next year!

  12. When you say you added some "real margarita", do you mean tequila plus lime plus simple syrup, or tequila plus margarita mix, as in some of an actual cocktail? Or just margarita mix?

  13. thanks for the comments....the "real margarita" was a real margarita by hubby made...tequila, lime juice, and i think he uses a little splenda for the sweetener....but you can probably use any of the options you listed above to give the cupcakes some margarita flavor!

  14. It's cool !
    I put a link to your article on my french blog.

  15. Hi! Found this floating around Pinterest and was wondering how much this made? Did you use your own glasses or did you buy the plastic jello shot cups?

    1. this made about 6 jello cups--i used small glasses (i think they were scotch glasses) so bigger than shot glasses. GL!

    2. Made them for Cinco de Mayo - they were a hit! I used Bud Light Lime to get that lime taste instead of just normal beer. Thanks for the post :)


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