Sugar Swings! Serve Some: mother's day goodies....!

Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day goodies....!

mother's day cookie cake

well re-posting after the blogger snafu....!

...does everyone make their own mother's day treats or maybe that's just me....?

....these are a mashup of i am baker's rose cake (which is showing up everywhere these days) and the infamous bakerella's mother's day cupcakes.....btw-although bakerella is pretty much synonymous with cake pops, her other creations are awesomely awesome as this re-creation of her niece's artwork in cake!...i am so doing this one of these days!...i think i can easily blame her for my candy melt obsession too...!

...and while i'm at it...that amanda....she does some really cool cakes with surprises inside like this easter egg cake.....and i totally thought her russian doll cake was going to have layers of russian nesting dolls inside (she probably can do that but doesn't want everyone else to give up and stop baking)...

...the sugar cookie cake is made from the same base as these frosted sugar cookie bars....(definitely use the lemon zest, it makes the recipe)

...and i finally got around to using the letter mold i got awhile ago.....i used candy melts and before totally hardened....added a tooth pick at the bottom of the letter (so you can stick it into the cake)....

....and since i had some leftover cupcake batter from these....i made some mini bundt cakes too.....well because who doesn't love mini bundt cakes...?

.....i used much smaller roses than amanda's rose cake....using a wilton #17 tip but you can probably use any open star tip.....and make sure the frosting is at room temp and not's much easier to pipe the flowers that way.....

.....and after a couple it gets pretty easy to get the hang of it.....

mother's day cakes end up with a bunch of cute bundt cakes and a big sugar cookie cake....!

mother's day cakes

....oh and i found out that my kiddos that usually only eat the frosting off a cupcake (go figure!) will eat slices of the the frosted sugar cookie cake....

....hope everyone had a great mother's day....and lookie at one of the mother's day card's i got..... doesn't get much better than that!

ps i am so bummed i lost the comments on this post, they were so sweet! (not that i'm looking for comments or anything.... :) thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. These turned out so lovely! I love the rosettes!


  2. Gorgeous creations ... i thought the word "mommy" was made using candles, but I love how u made them using candy melts!

  3. Could they be any cuter? I would love it if you could stop by Heck Fridays tomorrow (Thursday) and post it on our first link party!

    Hope to see you soon!!!

  4. This is really sweet! Thanks for your comments on my Care Bear cake. :-) Good luck for your project on the weekend!

  5. I love this cake, the roses on top, the "Mommy" and the sharing of the "How To". Great job.

    Also soooooo appreciate the new way of seeing many days of post by just scanning down. It makes it so easy. You are great. Thanks.


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