Sugar Swings! Serve Some: turkey cupcakes...!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

turkey cupcakes...!

......ok, caved and did a turkey cupcake....not sure what it is, but not a fan of turkeys or food that's turkey shaped in general.....don't get me's tasty and's not thanksgiving without turkey and some killer gravy.....but the actual animal or bird...kinda creeps me out...maybe it's the gobble it does, or that red gobbler thingee which doesn't really have a purpose......a really bad nightmare would involve being trapped in a turkey farm at night....pretty terrifying right?.....

....but with turkey day coming up, the kiddos in kindy are having a thanksgiving day feast and of course they may be getting some needed a topper and decided to go ahead and turkey them up.....and was hoping for cute....but afraid these may show up in my turkey dreams too....!

......the cupcakes themselves are a sweet potato recipe (and actual sweet potato not yams) with a cranberry buttercream......

....the turkeys are candy melts....nuked in the microwave for a minute or 2 then piped from a plastic baggie....outlined first with chocolate candy melts....let dry......

.....then fill in with the other colors (you may have to smooth them a bit to fill in all the crevices).....and let dry.....

....flip over so you have the flat side and using some melted candy, attach a yellow candy coated sunflower for the beak and a red candy coated sunflower for the gobbler thing.....

....the recipe used a small sweet potato---roasted, peeled, and then mashed....hubby picked up a white fleshed one not orange, so the color is not orangy like in most recipes......

....they baked up nicely and were super super moist....not a huge sweet potato flavor and they seemed a little more that even a word...?....may be it's due to the type of sweet potato used but it definitely contributed to the moistness.....!

....the buttercream is just a vanilla buttercream but with dried cranberries, that were rehydrated in water overnite, then food processed into some mush, then added to the was probably 1/4 cup of the cranberry mush to 4 cups of buttercream.....

....obviously these are not going to make it to the kindy feast since that's a week and 1/2 away, but needed to practice the turkeys to see if the candy melts would work....still can't decide if they look cute or not....leave a comment and let me know if they are cute or creepy.....!....thanks...!!!!

.....linking these up to Hoosier Homemade's Holiday Cupcake Challenge for thanksgiving cupcakes....!


  1. Super cute! Love how you used the candy melts!
    Thanks for joining us for the Cupcake Challenge!

  2. I fall on the side of... cute! I posted a link today at Thanks for sending along!

  3. I love these turkeys. The feathers almost remind me of stained glass. Very nice decorating job. Love the cranberry frosting too.

  4. Thanks for linking up to THIS WEEK'S CRAVINGS. We have a new theme each week, Monday will be Thanksgiving Meals. Hope to see you visit again soon!

  5. I am just finding your site and so so glad I did! I honestly can't get enough cupcakes and love making them. I am sure I will enjoy all your cupcake inspiration!! I love that you tried cranberry frosting here... so creative!!

  6. What a super cute, creative idea! Thanks for sharing this on tasty tuesdays.

  7. Sweet potatoe and cranberry cupcakes??? This I gotta try, although I imagine I will make a pumpkin cupcake with the cranberry icing. I'm one of those weird people that serve pumpkin and cranberry things outside of Thanksgiving! I just adore those flavors.

    Thanks for your comments on my CandyLand birthday party post. Now that I've checked out your blog, it means a lot that you liked it! You are very talented.


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